BT 2015 Grad Scheme - Offeree Thread



i know a few people on different tracks there now.

sounds like we do a lot of leadership stuff together. continuous improvement courses are attended by all (to varying degrees).

that first week at adastral park for example, is for all grads, and when we get issued with equipment.


id attend the other if its not too much hassle.

ask whoever you spoke to for confirmation of intent to offer.

it took about 2-3 months to get the paperwork through for my offer.

its still not complete.


technology graduate, in ipswich.

update on mine, i now have an employee number and start date. just need to fill out some paperwork for my id card.

it is stressful waiting to hear from them, but with 1000 new joiners i guess things will be slow.

hope you get it sorted soon.


Any GES?


awesome!! how long did it take from acceptance phone call to getting an employee number?


phone call offer one week after AC, then three months wait, then online forms/contract on taleo, then confirmation w/ employee number about a week later


Hello everyone,

Nice to meet you all! My name is Vasileios, I applied for the Business stream and was offered a place at BT Supply Chain in Magna Park. I attended the 10 Feb Billing, Procurement and Supply Chain AC in Leavesden and got the call on 12 Feb. The AC was really of high standards, very professional and smooth process. Last I heard (end of Feb) from BT was to tell me that I would be based at Magna Park in Midlands. It was a woman from BT HR. She also told me that I shouldn’t worry that I haven’t received the contract, the line manager is handling my case or something like that. I will be starting on Sep 15 so I will probably start searching for a house in Leicestershire 3-4 weeks before that date. Is there anyone selected for Supply Chain at Magna Park as well?
Congrats to all!

Kind regards,


Have no idea about where I’ll be staying. I’ve been thinking about this for a while now but can’t start worrying about accomodation until we get the written contract. Have you recieved any contract or job spec from BT?



You got it in your mail right? I mean no prior phone call or anything like that. How long did it take for you to receive this?


I got a phone call after the AC then an email with a link to the website a few weeks later. They seem to be taking a while must be a lot of new people!

When was your AC?



Yeah! I got it last week, just some online forms. Was stressin bout it lol!

Looks like its all set. Not sure what to do about moving expenses though.




My name is Sarah!

I’m joining the Technology program in September at Ipswich.

How many other people have had an offer? Do you know where you will be living?



I had my AC back in November, then Got a call the next month. I’ve been waiting since then


Maybe check your spam folder? It came from an automated system using taleo.



I had mine Feb 10. Got the call on Feb 12. Waiting since then although they called me to tell me when I will be based some time after that.


I have been waiting since January too for my contract .Today is a exactly two months since I got the offer .


I basically scan my entire mail everyday, lol!!

So far, you’re the only one I know from the technology role who has gotten an email. I guess we’ll just keep waiting.


Hello everyone,
Myself Shubham. I will be joining as Software Engineer in Ipswich in September. Really excited :slight_smile:

I have had my assessment centre on the 12th Feb and a week after I received a call confirming the role and place. I am still waiting for a written confirmation and contact.
Has anyone received any written confirmation or a formal contact.


Congrates. I think most people on the Software Engineering role are still waiting for the formal contract or written confirmation.


I attended an AC on 10th December in Ipswich and have got an offer (via telephone) for Network Engineer in Adastral Park.
But since then I haven’t heard anything regarding this from them. I am tired calling them again and again and no one picks it up.

Now I am starting to worry. Has anyone received any written confirmation?

I know a lot about Ipswich as I stayed there so I can help you guys with accommodation and stuff. (If any one wants any help!)