BT 2015 Grad Scheme - Offeree Thread



Hello, I am Enol. I got a call in December, telling me that I’ve been offered a place for software engineering in Ipswich. Was also told that the contract would be sent but I haven’t heard from BT since then, the wait is just nerve wrecking.

Have they sent you anything like a contract or a job specification?


Hello Enol. I received a phone call two weeks ago and I haven’t received anything yet. I can understand the wait because I had to wait for 5 weeks for the call. Have you tried calling the HR?


Hi all!

I saw this and figured I’d drop by to introduce myself. :slight_smile: My name’s Kirstie and I got an offer for the software engineering role, based in Ipswich. My AC was on the 16th January. Haven’t heard anything else since I got the offer, though!

Out of interest does anyone remember them saying anything about a training course (or something similar) we have to attend over summer? I can’t remember if I’ve made it up or not haha :slight_smile:


I don’t have the HR’s number, when I call the number that confirmed my offer no one picks up. A current graduate at BT told me that they’ll send the contracts after the entire recruitment process. I have a friend that attended the same AC at Ipswich and also got an offer, he’s also still waiting for the contract to be sent.


LOL!!! I think you made that up cos I can’t remember the caller telling me that. The lady was like “We have an offer for you in the software engineering role based in Ipswich”, then she mentioned the start date.


I wouldn’t be surprised hahahah!
Although I don’t think it was the caller, I think if I had actually heard it mentioned it would have been at the AC.
But yeah, totally not surprised if I made it up. :stuck_out_tongue: Just… figured I’d check lol!



Also offered software engineering at Adastral park. No training course, but there is an induction in the first week. I believe all grads will go to Adastral park for that week.


Mine came after about three months, so don’t stress about it.


Thanks,that really helped.

What role did you apply for?


Ahh maybe that’s what I was thinking of then! Lol thank you! :slight_smile:



I’ve been offered a position on the Business Management scheme based in Glasgow. I attended the AC at Leavesden on 12th February and got a phone call on 20th February offering me the position. They said on the phone that I would get an offer letter within 1-2wks but still haven’t heard anything. The only thing is that I have another AC for a different grad job next week which I would like to cancel (because I now have the BT job) but don’t want to withdraw from attending until I’ve had a firm offer letter from BT. Looks like I could be waiting a while though.



I think we were on the same assessment day. Congrats on the offer too! I haven’t received my contract back either but I got another call recently saying it was going to be sent out very soon.


Yeah, I think we were. I’ve only had the one phone call but I’m refreshing my emails constantly in the hope that the offer letter will be there! Do you know where you’re based? They told me in my phone call, super happy that I’ll be based in Glasgow! I wonder how the other people from our AC got on. I thought there were a lot of really strong performers that day.


Yeah i really want it in writing… I got London which is what I wanted so v happy! Yeh it was a strong AC. Hopefully more of us will comment here so we can find out.


Congrats! If I were you I wouldn’t attend the other AC, if they’ve offered you the job I think you can safely say you’re fine.


Lucky! I was told I’m “likely” to be in London as that’s where my line manager is based. You got a job role yet?


Congrats Kirstie!

For business management there isn’t any training over the summer. There are however inductions and training post-September. Might be different for you though. Contact your HR rep! :slight_smile:


No they haven’t given me a job role yet which I find a bit strange… But the lady rang me to say it was definitely in London. What’s your job role?


Who knows, we could end up in the same office!

They’ve given me Project Manager. Cool, right?!


I don’t think there’s any harm attending the other AC. It all depends on you and if you feel you’ll also like to work at the other place; I’ll give it a short if I had the option.