BT 2015 Grad Scheme - Offeree Thread




I’ve seen a few people mentioning their offer for BT’s 2015 Grad Scheme dotted around this site and thought it might be cool to have a central thread for people to introduce themselves/network etc.

I’ll kick off, I’m Keiran, applied to Business Management stream, joining Openreach (woop!).

Your turn!


Hi Keiran, good idea with the thread.

Just a quick question: when was your AC and when did you get your offer?

I had mine on the 12.02.15 for Business Management at Openreach, still waiting to hear back.



Hi mate

AC was 5th and phone call was 11th. I mentioned on the phone that I was thinking such a long wait might have meant a negative result. The lady I spoke to said there was 2 of them making yes/no calls and there had been 9 ACs recently - in other words it just takes a while.

Good luck!



I am Sandilya. Just got a call and I was offered a place for software engineering role in Ipswich. Can’t wait to start. Where are you based Keiran?



Got a call on the 20th saying I had been accepted onto the Business Management stream also for Openreach!
Had my AC on the 12th Feb


Hi! Congratulations! May I ask where was your AC taking place? Was it leavesden by any chance?


Hey yeh it was in Leavesden. Were you at the same one?


Awesome! Do you know when us Openreachers are going to find out where we’ve been placed? Did you specify a preference?


Think you might want to Futureboard a call if you still haven’t heard. Been a while for you now :slight_smile:


Hi Sandilya, well done! I haven’t been placed yet, I hope London as that’s where I’m from. Did they tell you Ipswich instantly?


Yes i was! Might actually give futureboard a call tomorrow as Keiran suggested!


Yeah I choose London as my first preference but they gave me ipswich. When I went for assessment day they mentioned most of the graduates are most likely based in ipswich especially for software engineering and networking roles. Hope you get London :slight_smile:


Yeah I would ring them up to see what’s going on. How did you find the day?


I think with the contracts? I asked for London so fingers crossed for that!


Did you receive any contract or email confirmation?


Hi all,
I had my assessment centre for Openreach on the 5’th. In fact I think I was in the group discussion with you Keiran! I was called on the 25’th of February to be told I had passed the assessment centre and to discuss a specific role. Then on 27’th of February I was called and given an offer for that role. So don’t loose hope if it takes a while to find out. It maybe that they are just trying to find the right role for you.


I’ve now received an email with the job spec but no contract as of yet


Haha helloooo Doug! Yes, I remember. You and your South American mobile takeover :smiley:

So what role have they offered you? Also, just out of curiosity, what was your feedback like for the day? Would be interesting to compare as we were on the exact same AC



Hey, I stand by that venture :stuck_out_tongue: It’s Operational Performance (Manager?) in the team with the person that interviewed me. I think it’s a role that has some data analysis elements which given I did engineering seems like they try to fit the role to you. What role were you offered? I haven’t really received any detailed feedback yet, but I’ve also not asked.


They offered me “Project Manager”. The job spec says I’ll need to “seek out risks and issues relating to performance and solve or escalate them”. Sounds like a good role to me!

You must have done well in the interview then if he wanted you in his team. Who was your interviewer?