BSkyB Marketing Graduate Scheme - 2014 Entry


Hi all,

Has anyone else applied for BSkyB’s marketing grad scheme? I’ve been offered a phone interview, but the online system to book a slot is ridiculous! Every time I log into do so it claims that all slots are taken and I have to be placed on a waiting list to gain one. I was offered an interview from grad recruitment and this just seems like a really stupid way to cut down the number of candidates. Is anyone else having trouble going about booking a slot? I’m more concerned about this than prepping for it at the moment!



Hi Tom,

Were you successful with the telephone interview?



Hi Lucy,

Unfortunately not, which is a real shame as I really wanted this position! Oh well, I may have to try again next year. Have you applied and, if so, are you through? Best of luck!



Hi Tom,

How do you know? I have telephoned interviewed and not heard back.



Hi people

I too have applied for this Sky. Sorry to hear you didn’t make it Tom, I think I’m in the same bag. Good luck with your next steps!


Hi guys,

I’ll be honest, I haven’t actually heard anything back from Sky. However, the guy who conducted my interview said that they would let me know within 2 weeks and casually dropped in that the assessment centre date was in December. It’s annoying that they haven’t bothered to send a rejection email!



I had my telephone interview late last month and was told I’d hear back within 2 weeks (and that assessment centres were in Dec) I emailed last week to chase up my application. I got this reply:


Thank you for your email.

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you but rest assured, we will be back in touch with an update on your application status within the next week.

Thank you for your patience and your continued interest in Sky.

Kind regards,
The Future Talent Team

Not surprised I’ve not heard back this week but at least its not an outright rejection.


Hi guys,

Sounds like we’re all in the same position. I’ve seen (on twitter) that a lot of people got rejection emails on Christmas Eve and I’ve also seen that someone has been offered a job on the marketing graduate scheme.

I can’t help but be negative about this and wondering whether we’ll get a rejection email when normal working days resume? Hopefully at least one of us will progress to the assessment centre, but who knows!

I wish you all the best for the future!



This is really interesting and actually a little reassuring. We haven’t had outright rejections yet, so that’s certainly not bad news! I’ll be honest, I do think that I mucked up the interview (I HATE telephone interviews with a passion), but it would be nice to have a concrete reply either way.

Best of luck to you all and do post back when you hear anything!