BS in Applied Accounting via ACCA



can someone walk me through the process towards BS/BA in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University? Can one go into graduate scheme at one of the Big4 after doing ACCA and getting Oxford Brookes University degree as mentioned above?


Have you already completed the ACCA qualification?


…sorry Londonloke could you be more specific? Do you want to know the interview process for the Applied Accounting course at Ox Brookes…or the course itself?

You would normally study ACCA whilst working at a Big 4 firm after be hired for a graduate role. If you already have ACCA this might not be your best bet.


sorry guys for not being clear. I will do MSc at Southampton not ACCA. it is just out of interest that i am asking this question.

I heard that if you join ACCA you will autamatically register for BS in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes Unviersity. and after completing 1 and 2 from Acca you can do research and analysis as your graduation thesis and if you are successful you will be awarded with BS degree.

My question: with that degree, will a student be able to get into one of the BIG4 graduate programmes?



Yes I should think so


If you have completed the ACCA qualification, you do not need to join a big4 firm as a graduate. You can apply as an experienced hire. If you haven’t qualified for the ACCA, as long as you have a 2:1 and good A levels, the Big 4 will still consider your application.