British Sugar

British Sugar

Anyone applied to British sugar?


Yeah I applied a while back but i did really badly on the online tests so not expecting to get invited to an assessment centre.


I applied for their Finance Grad position early January. Took their online tests and been waiting ever since; “application under review.” I didn’t get 100% of course, but didn’t do badly!


Hi enyyubfa,

How did u get the result of the assessment? Was it just ur personal feeling/ rating of ur performance at the test? When did u take the test and what is the status of ur application on ur profile in the application site?




Seems we took the test same time. How did u know ur assessment result? My status reads exactly as yours. what do u suggest we do, call them up?


@ G Host

No i haven’t got the result I just have a bad feeling about the test although it still says application under review on their site. I took the test at start of the month.



Yeah, guess we did do it at similar times. I’m not sure what the best course of action is; a brief follow up email wouldn’t hurt I guess.

I don’t know my test results and never will. (I’ll either be invited for phone interview or rejected).

I’m not sure how the process works, but if you score really well on the tests you will naturally be contacted promtly to schedule an interview. For borderline scorers, I guess they wait to compare all online test results (after 31st Jan closing date) and shortlist accordingly from there.

Best of luck


Thanks enyyubfa


Thanks Knowslian

Lets hope it goes well. Will give them a call during and post the feedback here



I received a response from British Sugar and they want me to complete their numerical test. Does anyone know the next stage for the finance scheme?



When did u apply, have u taken any assessment outside the numerical test?



I applied a few days ago. No I haven’t taken any assessment yet.



Ok, I applied since 21 January and my application is still under consideration. If u re successful at the assessment (numerical and verbal), ur application will be further scrutinise and if u meet their requirements, u’d be considered for a telephone interview, thereafter AC if u re successful and finally an OFFER!

Success at the online assessment.


ok. What programme have you applied for?


I took the online test last Sunday and have still not heard anything. What is taking them so long no other company has been like this with results.

The other issue is that I know I scored well as I had the exact same questions from another SHL test I passed.


What position are you applying for? I’ve applied for international finance.

Just wondering how many ppl they’re looking to recruit…


I applied for their finance scheme (UK)



Seem we re both chasing all the finance schemes. Remember we both shared our O2 experience.


I’ve applied for the same program as you, when I spoke to the lady from British Sugar at career’s fair, she did say they’ve been looking really hard for people who are suitable for the international programs. Guess they’re kinda picky


@g host.

Ha hopefully we will have a shot at this one.
That o2 online test was a joke.