British Airways Pensions Investment Management


I recently found an opening for a graduate program at British Airways in their Pensions Investment Management team and found out today that I have an interview in about two weeks time. Has anyone been for one of these before? All they’ve told me is that there will be a short test followed by an interview with two fund managers. I have no idea what to expect in terms of the type of questions I’ll be asked and wanted to know if anyone’s in a similar situation.


I also have an interview in several days time. Have you had any luck finding information? I have found it quite difficult to access information on this company. Would you presume the test is a numerical reasoning test?


I found your review very interesting. I also got turned down. Which is a shame as it really seemed like a nice company to work for.


I also got turned down for the job. This interview was such a good experience I urge anyone to attend if you have the opportunity. Just a heads up I would advise you to analyse some stock markets before hand, I had Argos and Home base at the interview. Typical maths test, was hard through. The interview was really relaxed and the people interviewing were really nice. Good luck anyone else!!!


I recently had an interview here. I found the tests quite straight forward and the staff friendly. Once I got to my main interview with two members of staff, the first question they asked was whether my school was a grammar or private school, which I thought was irrelevant. They then went on to ask what my parents careers were, which was a very disappointing route for the interview to take. Other than the more personal questions, they asked ‘if given £100,000 what would you do with it?’ and ‘talk me through some issues currently affecting financial markets’ along with the standard ‘why do you want to work here?’ questions.
I was not given an offer or any feedback and was unhappy with how the interview was carried out.