British Airways - Leaders for Business Programme 2012

The Graduate

Hi there,

I wondered if anyone else has also applied for the graduate programme “Leaders for Business” by British Airways, starting on 23rd July 2012? I have submitted my application last month. After I have not heard anything for several weeks, I have sent them another mail, asking very politely about my status regarding my application. Two days later, they responded:

“We are reviewing your application and you should hear from us shortly.”

Well, this is now two weeks ago, however, I have not heard back from them. I don’t know whether that is a good or bad sign. I am not really keen on asking them again because I fear that it would be impolite of me. Maybe some of you are in a similar/the same situation? Or anyone has some experience in that kind of matters?

Thank you for your help/comments/advice in advance. :slight_smile:


I submitted my application earlier this month and I am now through to the telephone interview stage. I am not sure why they have not contacted you yet but I would suggest you contact them again or even call them their number is 02087579700 (follow the number this is the wrong number but they ll tell you the right number). The next stage for you is the standard SHL tests.



Hey, thank you for your response! :slight_smile:

Oh, OK, that is very surprising for me. Well, as I said I don’t know if it’s a good or bad sign that they haven’t gotten back to me yet, I was already wondering, actually - the weeks were passing, passing and passing without knowing what’s going on with my application. However, I guess I should give them a call as soon as possible. Thank you for giving me the phone number! :slight_smile: And if it should be a declination, then I assume I wasn’t meant to work for BA. :wink:


Hi I just realised I gave you the wrong number. The BA number is 0870 60 80 747. Sorry about that. Good luck with your application!



Thank you & No problem! :slight_smile: I called them today (there was an answer phone which told me the right number) & the very kind lady told me that she’d be sorry that I have been waiting for five weeks now and that she will forward it to her superior. I hope that will work out. Otherwise I have to call them again or send them another mail…


Hi Hamskey - I was just wondering if you had heard anything back from your telephone interview? I had mine a few weeks ago, but have heard nothing yet… Thanks!


Anyone who attended the AC on 30th Jan heard anything back from BA?


Hi I just had mine yesterday and like you I haven’t heard from them yet. If you haven’t heard back from them for weeks and weeks then I think you should call them! I just got an AC with vodafone by calling them and asking about the progress!


Well they said 5 working days at mine, so I guess it’s probably worth waiting until they’re up before contacting them. How did you find the Assessment Centre?


Hi guys! Could anyone who attended the AC last week please share some details?? I’m wondering if they use any case-interview methods or if it’s more oriented to the company and the candidate’s skills…? Thanks a lot!


Hi guys, could anyone who has done the interview for Finance please shed some light on what it entails. Would really appreciate it. You can send me a PM if you prefer. Thanks



Please could anyone that has completed a telephone interview with BA give some clues as to what is asked?

Many thanks.


I have a telephone interview with BA for the Finance programme. Can anyone please shed some light on the types of questions to expect.

Thanks in advance


I did the interview assesment day last monday the 13th of February! anybody heard anything from that yet? they said 5 working days but I am anxious becuase I have offers from other grad programmes!!


hi guys can anybody shed some light about the types of questions asked at the telephone interview?




I did the assessment day on the 13th as well and still haven’t heard anything. I did give them a call yesterday and they said it would be more likely to be the end of this week or beginning of next now.



Can any of those who are at the assessment centre stage please please give us all who have the telephone interview coming up some cues as to the types of questions?

Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:




How did people find their telephone interviews? I can’t decide whether mine went well or not!


I didn’t think mine went great at all… Was prepared for a question or two on BA but not so many about the acquisition specifically! How about you?