British Airways - Leaders for Business programme 2011


Information about the scheme


I’m applying for the leadership programme at BA, and I’m looking for information about the assessment processes of the applicants. (Probably I’m not the only one.) If anyone has undergone that, please join this forum and share us some details.


Hi I’ve applied for it as well. I found a couple of discussions on the same topic from last year that shed some light on the assessment day but not a lot of info really. I think the next step will be to complete some online psychometric tests and then they will invite us for an assessment day if the tests go well. I wish they would tell us the rough schedule though because I am from overseas!!


Hi frequentflyer! Yes, I’ve also discovered some old forum posts, I hope their info apply to this year too… They’re mentioning numeric and verbal tests -plus extras. I’d like to know what other tests to practice.
I’m also flying to Heathrow from abroad, if called for the assessment. This job application’ll be pretty expensive for us, as it seems. Let’s hope it’ll be worth all the money!


Are we allowed to apply more than once a year?
I read in the FAQs section on the BA careers site that you can only reapply once a year has elapsed.

Last year in October I went for the Leaders for business first round assessment centre and failed.

Now I have just applied t the Engineering one and have been invited to another assessment centre. This is a different scheme so maybe its okay? And the previous AC was in 2010, now its 2011. Even though its only been 8 months since.

Anyone know if this is okay? Because its a different scheme.

Should I ask BA or is that being too honest? Should I just go and pretend I have never been?


Also I noticed that their system did not pick this up? I have used the same account for both applications.


Hi Hero878

I know we are able to apply for as many positions within the company as we like. I’m sure it’s fine that you’re going for the engineering scheme. If the system let you apply and you’re asked to come for an assessment day I would go, they wouldn’t ask you if it wasn’t ok. I applied for Leaders for business as well as Mixed fleet this year and have been asked to come for an assessment for both, so now I am choosing.
You could call their 0870 number just to be sure but I don’t think it’s necessary. I wouldn’t pretend you’ve never been but I would treat it as a completely new interview process (as it most likely will be different) and if they ask, tell them your situation.

Best of luck!


Today I got the email inviting me for the second round. So far so good! :slight_smile:

I’m from Hungary, where study results are awarded with marks (1-fail, 2-pass, 3-satisfactory, 4-good, 5-excellent). BA asks me to prove the worth of my non-UK degree on the asessment day. Has anyone heard of a method how I could do that? I’d appreciate any ideas.

Anybody else also going to the Riverside soon?


Two dates are done at the AC by now. Would anybody share their experience about the Cranebank assessment? How do you feel about your results?


Hi Hero878,
I am also attending the assessment shortly,

As you have said that you have attended the assessment last year, Do you mind clarifying the following questions?

In the second round its mentioned that there will be a Test again - Is this paper based or PC?

There is a Group Exercise - Do you have any idea on what this is about?

I would really appreciate any help.



hi all
I have also applied for the Leaders for Business Programme. Does anybody know what form the online tests will take( ie numberical, verbal, personality or all three?)


Can anyone shed some light on the BA telephone interview



hi guys can anybody shed some light about the types of questions asked at the telephone interview?



Hi all,

I’ve got my telephone interview coming up in couple of days. I would really appreciate if somebody could share some information about the interview.