British Airways - Finance Leadership Programme 2011


Dear all,

Has anyone heard back in regard to the Finance programme at BA for 2011 entry?

thanks in advance


I applied to the same scheme, and still no answer, at least I’m not the only one.


Looks like they take their time in regard to getting back to candidates…watch this space I guess…will post what they say to me.


Got a reply today asking me to complete the online SHL tests. Does this mean they liked my application or does everyone get the chance to do the online tests?


I got the same email today, but since they took so long I’d assume that they did look at the applications and picked who they wanted for the next stage. Or maybe they just checked if you met the min. requirements.


Got same mail also…I know they extended their deadline intially so I assumed that maybe not enough ppl applied.


Has anyone actually received the link off SHL to do the online testss? I got the request at the same time as you guys and haven’t had it sent…

Got another email today off their recruitment team about the ACs, but not much use until I can do the tests.


I called them earlier today to find out what was happening with the tests, the lady said they should send them out today or tomorrow. Once you have pased the tests then you can select the dates for the assessment centre.

Hope this helps…Good luck all.


Hey All,

Just reading the email recieved today and was wondering what they want as proof of a predicted 2.1?

Will call them tomorrow to find out but just wanted to see if anyone knew.


It says at the bottom of the email, denoted by the asterisk.


Just got the link to online tests.

@GTi, You should have your transcript for your first and second year. As long as they are around the 60% mark that should be enough. But its best to ask them just to be sure.


Just completed the SHL Test… got a good feeling about it …


Anyone heard back off the tests yet?


Nope I did my tests on Thursday… still no reply

Any one else heard anything


The deadline is tomorrow…I’m sure they’ll get back to us by Wednesday.


Heyyy I applied for one of BA’s graduate schemes as well. Just wondering if you guys have heard anything? According to one of their emails, they will notify all relevant applicants of the requirements for the next stage, by the end of today. It’s not looking hopeful I guess :frowning:


I’ve not heard anything either. Where did it say that today was the deadline?


Well it might be different depending on the program you applied to, but I applied for the procurement scheme and got an email before the SHL test deadline, essentially saying, ‘Sorry for the glitch email requesting that you book an interview. The next activity on this campaign will be communicated to all relevant candidates no later than week ending Friday 11th February’. Did you get the same thing?


I didn’t; I applied for Finance but it makes sense for them to conclude all the schemes at similar/same times I would have thought…Either way I’ve heard nothing. Interesting to see what everyone else says.


Has anyone heard back yet?

I’d applied for the Finance program too and been a week since I did the SHL tests.
I still havent heard back.