British Airways Assessment Centre


I am attending the 1st assessment centre for the Engineering Professionals Programme with British Airways. It is mentioned that there will be numeric and verbal tests, plus a group exercise. Has anyone got experience of being in a BA assessment centre before and can help me, by possibly giving me a few tips for the day? Cheers.


Hi Steve1986, i was wondering if you could provide details about the group exercise. Also what was your opnion of the day and BA? Cheers mate


im through to the first assesment day for the finance leaders for business scheme, any hints on the group exercises would be much appreciated or for the day in general if anyone out there has any experience. Cheers.


telh87 did you manage to get any info regarding the first AC? I got mine coming up as well, and as yet there is no info on the internet at all!


I’d be interested to hear about the assessment day too - grateful for any details :slight_smile:


I had a practice and information pack through the post, but thats al ive got to go on really. By the looks of things the test are going to be the same as the online ones which were pretty straight forward, with the addition of the abstract one, but I have no idea about the group exercises. Mine is on tuesday, starting to get a little nervy no as i really want this one!


Yeah i got the same pack as well, well see you on Tuesday den


anyone had any news about whether they are through to the final round of interviews yet?


nah i haven’t, but we should have heard by today at the latest, They did say 5 working days. And plus they held further assessments yday so who knows. Av u?


yesterday was the same as what we attended last week, so i was assuming we would hear today or tommorrow at the latest. Fingers crossed


Has anybody heard yet?






nothing, nothing,
They have 64 interviewees for the 1st assessment center, and only offer 8 jobs, I assume most ppl wont get through tho


positive thinking there


in fact, I hate waiting


I think we should hear from them soon, maybe today.
Anyone have any news yet?


i phoned last wednesday and they said we should hear by the end of last week, and if not monday, so it should be today


Got an email 10 mins ago,
I am through the first stage,
Anyone knows what is going to happen in the 2nd assessment center?


Got an email 10 mins ago,
I am through the first stage,
Anyone knows what is going to happen in the 2nd assessment center?