British Airways Assessment Centre


steve, what programme was it you had applied for?i’ve not heard anything yet :frowning:


Hi Steve, Congrats mate, when did u hear from dem? They said 2 me shud hear by end of 2day, so fingers crossed!!!


what programmes have already hearD?


i am assuming finance and procurement


yep it is the procurement one i’ve applied for. how about you guys?




it’s procurement i’m waiting on


hi guys,

im attending the final assesment for the finance leaders scheme in a couple of weeks. can anyone on here shed any light as to what the day entails? would be hugely appreciated as I am desperate for this position.



Hi bilal

I’ve got my first assesment centre at BA this week… im not sure what to expect
can you give me some information at all about the group exercise?



essam hi. there is another thread on this in the engineering section. but anyway i too am going. not really sure what o expect from this. can anyone clarify what “tests specific to the role” is? is it to engineering in general or the specific roles we said we were interested in on the application form?


Hi all,
This section seem to be a very useful one, But I could not find any information on the Group Exercise.

Could someone please shed some light on What the Group Exercise is all about?
Also the test which needs to be taken is it Paper-based or PC?

I would really appreciate if someone reply on the same.

All the best!