British Airways Assessment Centre


I am attending the 1st assessment centre for Leaders For Business of British Airways. It is mentioned that there will be numeric,verbal and abstract reasoning tests, plus a group exercise. Anyone that did that before can help with a few tips for the day?


I’m attending too Tiroulini. What date are you there? I’m March 5. I tried the practice tests for the Abstract, it’s hard man!

Also, annoyingly they don’t pay expenses!

Good luck


Hey Dave1984! I am on March 5th as well! 8.45! I called them asking them more information…they did not want to say what kind of group exercise it will be, but they assured me they will be no interview on the day. Only the psychometric tests and the group exercise.
Good luck to you too!


Yeah, to me this first AC is a bit pointless. We’ve already done the tests, and the group exercise should be for the ‘final’ assessment stage. They should just give us all a telephone interview. By the looks of things, there were only 2 days available to book the 1st assessment centre with, and about 12 places. It’s possible there may only be about 24 candidates left. Although that’s probably unlikely.

Anyway, where are you from? I’m a Manchester boy so it’s going to be a nighmare getting to Heathrow. I think it takes ages to get there. And we have to be at the Tube stop at Heathrow 40 minutes before don’t we? What else have you got on the go and how much do you want this one?



Im also going to the assessment centre on thursday, although mine is the 11:30 one…good luck!!

Im going from sheffield so heading down the night before and managed to find a cheap hostel near heathrow for £15 (see…its a shame they don;t pay for expenses, as i also have to buy a new suit (£££!)

So just to check, what will we need to bring with us. As far as i understand it we need
the checklist they emailed us
the questionnaire they emailed us

anything else?

I thought it was a bit strange too how we will only be doing tests and one group exercise, like you said surely we can do the tests online?! This is the only grad scheme which i applied for that i would really love to do so i hope it goes well!! Good luck to you guys!


PS. yes we have to be at hatton cross tube station 40mins before to get the courtesy bus to The Rivers. We will need our email confirmations to be allowed on the bus apparently.


What a small world!

Guys, I’m also scheduled to attend the assessment centre on 6th March 11.30am (this Friday). So let me get this straight, we are going to do the psychometric tests again but no interview? It seems a bit superfluous seeing as how we’ve all done them beforehand just to get to this stage, but I guess its to confirm our marks in case we got others to do the tests for us! (The thought did cross my mind ;)).

Anyways, I’m going to be heading down from Manchester as well. Rather than stay over the night before (which will be sleepless no doubt given my propensity for fearing the unknown lol), I’ve decided to catch the early morning train down to Euston and then the underground to Hatton Cross. Going to cost an absolute fortune, and if on the off-hand the day turns out to be a disaster, it will always serve as an expensive reminder of what can go wrong!

Here’s hoping to an excellent day for us all!



We will need whatever is on that checklist they sent us! I did not realise we need to have the email in order to get on the bus! thnx for that! I have seen in an article, when googling information, that there gonna be a welcoming presentation to start with, then the aptitude tests and then the group exercise. It was mentioned that presentations and interviews will be on the 2nd assessment!


Hi Guys

i hope the assessment center went well for you guys. i have got mine on Tuesday so was wondering of what to expect. i would be greatfull if someone could outline what is expected on the day; that would be great. are the tests done on paper or on the pc?


Amy. X


Hi Amy,

I have replied to your PM.

best regards,



So how’s everyone got on? I got through to the final stage, although I don’t think I’m going to attend, I wasn’t bowled over with what I saw/heard first time round and I’ve been offered a job already. Not going to rule it out completely though. Good luck to everyone!


Congratulations Dave!!! For the BA and the job you have been offered! Hope its one you really really wanted!! I got rejected!! They mention that no feedback will be given! Yeah right! They did not pay for accomodation and travel, they did not feed us or give us sth to drink, the least they can do is to give us feedback! If you go to AC2 let us know how it was! Dont forget to put some food in your bag or you will starve to death!!! It was really nice to meet you guys and to have you around to and from the AC! Wish you all the best!!!


Ah sugar that’s crap news! You’re better than them anyway. Good luck with whatever you pursue x


Hi guys…i have also somehow managed to make it to the next round. Anyone know what a work-related exercise is?? And what the interview will consist of. e.g. competencies…?

Haha Tiroulini i totally agree with you! I had to eat a friggin chocolate bar for lunch…good job i had some change or would have starved to death!

What dates are peoples assessment centres? Please share any info if you find out!



Congratulations on getting through. I to have somehow managed to scrape through the process to the final stage, im going March 30st.
Does anyone know what to expect for the business case? will a presentation be required? Group work?
I image the interview will be competence related, name a time when you…etc…also all about you, motivations, why BA etc.



The news should have reached all candidates by now; so congratulations to everyone who got a provisional job offer! From talking to people at the two assessment centres it seems alot more people read this forum than actually post on it hehe!


So anybody wanna actually want to shed some light on the day itself?!! Ideally an outline of what the tasks involved in either AC. Cheers ppl


hey, I have an AC next week for the finance leadership programme…can someone explain what the AC consisted of…thanks


Anybody heard back from the finance leadership programme?


yeh, I made it through to the final stage :slight_smile: don’t have a date confirmed for the interview yet but they said they would be in touch shortly about setting the date/time. how about everyone else?