Brewin Dolphin - Trainee Scheme


Hello all!

I applied to the brewin dolphin trainee investment management scheme in Dec and the applications closed on the 31st Jan. I haven’t heard anything back and was just wondering if anyone had been invited to the online numerical tests or the next stage of application?

Or if any previous applicants have any info on the application process?



Hi I did the online test for them. the deadline for completing the online tests was friday. u tried sending them a chaser email?


I completed the numerical and verbal a few days back. I found the verbal pretty easy but the numerical was challenging!


same, I completed the online tests early last week. It seems I was just a little impatient waiting for them!

Didn’t find them all that bad but then you can never be sure with these things! Seeemed to have a bit more time than some of the ones I’ve done?

Does anyone know what/when the next stage would be?


I believe the next stage is the assessment center.
They should get back with the response in 2 weeks time.


I’ve just had an invite to the assessment centre today, anyone else heard back yet?

I’ve done a quick search on here and found a bit regarding the AC, does anyone have any more details of what is involved or how to prepare? The bit I found was quite old so not sure whether it will have changed or not!



well done tom. havent heard back yet nah. it could be game over hehe! ive never done an assessment centre so not sure what it would involve!


That is great!
What date is your AC?
good luck


My assessment centre is on 24th March. anyone else joining me in London?


Hi guys,

I also have an assessment center in London on 24th so will see you there. I have applied to the Edinburgh office, what about you?

I did notice they aren’t exactly generous with the travel allowance, I am at St Andrews uni, £50 to get from there to London and back isn’t exactly feasible, oh well just another expense on the job hunt.



mines on the 22nd in London too, anyone else there that day?

I thought the travel allowance was quite good, I know at some places you get nothing!

Not sure if you have one already but it’s worth buying an 18-25 railcard, took my fee down from 232 leaving at peak hour with off peak return to 38 for exactly the same ticket plus the £26 for the railcard!


Hi tom-89,

I’ve also got the assessment centre on the 22nd, i guess you’ve applied to the Edinburgh office too? What sort of working experience have you got, and have you done an assessment centre before?



Ah cool, no a very similar situation really, first assessment centre for me also. Have you read the other (old) thread on here regarding the assessment centres for previous years? Its abit thin on details, but useful nevertheless.


yea I had a quick read through, just a bit concerned it’s quite old and think it says in there someone it was the first time Brewin tried the AC recruitment so may have developed it! Guess we’ll find out!

Are you travelling down on the day or staying in London overnight? I’m a bit undecided as of yet!


I got my AC invitation today! Anyone else going on April 5th? Really not sure what to expect. This is also my 1st AC!


yeah travelling down on the 21st, not sure i could stomach , or it would leave me in a desirable state if i took the 5am train from Newcastle. Currently trying to source a decent but cheap hotel for the night, £50 doesn’t go very far apparently.


try that, I’m staying at the london city one, £53 isn’t too bad at all and it’s under a mile from the AC


Does anybody have an idea how many candidates they have cut it down to the AC for? I’m guessing thousands would have applied for this scheme but would be good to have a rough estimate of how many there are left.


Does anyone know if there are any interviews in the 1st stage of AC’s or is it just a group presentation and SHL tests with interviews coming in the 2nd stage of AC’s…?


thanks for the suggestion tom-89.
nom12 - i emailed, requesting further information about the AC, but they were unwilling to release more details, which i suppose means everyone is at least on a level playing field. As for the interviews, I will certainly be prepared for them at the AC, but I believe they will be held separately after.