Brewin Dolphin Assessment Centre


Has anyone been or going to Brewin Dolphin’s assessment day - any idea what to expect?


Hi Holly,

I have an assessment centre on the 13th for the Trainee Investment Management scheme. I would expect it to include panel interviews, competency based tests, presentations, group work and maybe some role play. I’m not 100% sure though. What do you think?

Whats your background if you don’t mind me asking?



Mine’s on the 13th too, also for the Trainee IM scheme. Any idea how many theyre recruiting? Yeah I expect it’ll be all that plus maybe an in-tray exercise? I’ve never been to an assessment centre so I’m just basing that on what I’ve read online. I’ve just finished studying Law at Edinburgh with no experience at all in investment so I’m hoping they’re not expecting too much knowledge. How about you?


Well i look forward to meeting you on the day. This is also my first assessment day, so not too sure what to expect beyond the online advice. But i believe it’s also quite new to the company. I done a 14 month placement with the company as part of my degree and still have a few contacts who informed me they have never tested like this before. I studied Investment Management and undergraduate level and just in the midst of completing an MSc in Risk Management and Financial Regulation with Queens University Belfast. However, i wouldn’t worry too much, i think they are looking more at the skill set than knowledge about markets. They are obviously impressed enough with your CV for you to get this far, and won’t expect a law student to be too informed about markets etc.

Where did request to work on your application?


Oh gosh, you’ve got far more relevant experience etc. I put down Edinburgh but I’m not too fussy really, how about you?


As i say, i don’t think that will count for much on the day, i’m sure you will be fine. I also said Edinburgh, but also that i was flexible. In that case we maybe competing for a place in the Edinburgh office. I wonder how many people per position are being interviewed. Any ideas? I think the best thing you can do on the day is be calm and be yourself.


I really should’ve put that I am flexible with location - I might mention that in the interview. Yeah definitely, just don’t panic and stay focussed - I’m going to be completely knackered by the end. I reckon there might be 20 people there with maybe 4-8 places but really that’s a total guess.


I think there will be fewer on the day, perhaps 8-10 people for 1 or 2 spaces. I’m not totally sure either. I think everyone will be a bit tired, but i’m sure the day will fly over. Are you from Edinburgh yourself? With regards to location, you have to be flexible anyway for first 15 months as it involves working in different offices. I have a job at the minute but really want this one, i have been working toward it since my placement finished in 2008. Fingers crossed, we both make a good impression.


Oh well, we’ll soon see how many are there - I seriously hope its more than just one or two people. I’m from just north of Edinburgh, Perth so getting a train down to London tomorrow morning. I love Edinburgh though, it’d be great to get a job there. Whereabouts are you from? So your 14 month placement was with Brewin Dolphin? I’m amazed you’ve not already got the job in that case. Best of luck for tuesday to you too


I am from Durham. Yes, i done a 14 month placement in their Newcastle office, it’s a good company to work for. The people are great. I think these days are mandatory though, they wouldn’t just offer a job up front, especially not a graduate one. I have a few friends from Edinburgh, who say its quality. Brewins paid for me to sit some industry exams, so i hope the investment they made in me will help my cause. As i say though, we will all be going into the day on a level playing field. I’m getting train down tomorrow from Leeds, staying with a friend.


Yeah it looks like a great company from what I can tell, good to hear the people are nice too. I’m called Susannah by the way - just so youre not confused when you pitch up and theres actually no-one called holly! Look forward to meeting you on Tuesday, best of luck!


Im Jaymes, but will probs get called Andrew on the day as its Andrew Jaymes, well enough of my life story :slight_smile: see you Tuesday, all the best.


Hey guys! Just saw the topic now and you guys attended your assessment today. Hope it went well. :slight_smile: I have mine on the 27th. Any tips? What were the exercises? - Interview, Group exercise, Presentation, In-tray & Role play?

Any info would be of great help!

Looking forward to hearing from you guys.



Hello all!

I also have an assessment day, but on the 19th, they must be holding quite a few! I’m applying for the Exeter office. Hope you guys nailed it. Any advice for a future co-worker would be greatly appreciated!

p.s I see you are both are applying for the same job and have an assessment centre on the same day… was everyone else on the day applying for Edinbourgh as well?

Kind regards,



Hey! We started with an in-tray task (very tight on time - work super fast) then had more psychometric tests (numerical and verbal). Apparently you only need 40-50% in psychometric tests to pass so dont worry too much. They were also alot easier than the ones online. Then in the afternoon we had a group exercise, deciding where to locate a DIY store. Finally we had to give a group presentation on the group exercise. No partner interviews and no role-play… Apparently theres at least 2 interviews if you make it through the assessment centre.

Yeah everyone who was there was applying to Edinburgh - there were 12 of us and the trainees suggested they were taking on between 1 - 3 people at each of the offices who were taking graduates.

Best of luck!


The meeting was kinda of a role play. I think it will be 3 for bigger offices such as edinburgh, leeds and london, but 1-2 for the smaller offices such as exeter. They said it all depends on the demand of the specific office.

Good luck all


Hi there, has anyone heard back from the Edinburgh assessment centre regarding the next stage or anything?


Nope, nothing although I really dont rate my chances…


I went for an interview after the assessment centre on the 23rd July and I was told it would take two weeks for them to collect the AC marks etc and make a decision, that makes it the 6th?? should hear back by then. fingers crossed. Good luck all!


I went for an interview after the assessment centre on the 23rd July and I was told it would take two weeks for them to collect the AC marks etc and make a decision, that makes it the 6th?? should hear back by then. fingers crossed. Good luck all!