Brebners Assessment Day



I have recently been successful with SWAT UK’s assessment day and have been invited to attend Brebners assessment day in April. I’m just wondering if anyone out there has experience of this day? I have read that there will be maths and verbal tests as well as interviews. I’m quite nervous about the tests because I have a bad track record of them so far…although I passed the SWAT UK tests I found these were quite a lot more simple than the psychometric tests I have been taking for other companies and am worried that the tests at the assessment day might take me out of the running. Any info at all would be great thank you!


Hey, I haven’t been to Brebners so can’t help much with first-hand info, unfortunately. You may have already seen this, but if you’re worried about the assessment centre test you could have a look at these links? and . They give you loads of info and there are also links to practice tests you could do which might get you used to them and help reassure you before the assessment day.


Just wondering how your assessment day with Brebners went? What sort of things were asked etc? What were the psyhometric tests like? Thanks