Breaking into consulting


I am a business finance graduate who has been seeking a job on consulting for a while, but now im going to complete my masters studies.
One of the reasons it didnt work out is that most of the big consulting firms prefer people with engineering degrees (the middle east market)
So now i am tring to know what do recruiters from this field prefer:
Someone with a msc in finance? Or soemthing more quantitative like msc in financial engineering?

I know the ideal plan is doing MBA but currently i got offers for the above mentioned programs and im trying to decide by checking what recruiters find more interesting.


Any subject, especially quantitative, will tick the education box. You are set either with a STEM or a business/finance degree.


Hi Bassem,
Thanks for your message. We don’t ask for any specific degree subject for our Strategy & Consulting Graduate Programme. Our Analysts have studied a range of subjects at university - both at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Overall, we’re looking for relentlessly curious problem solvers with an interest in how technology can make a real difference to business. Driven, ambitious and inquisitive, if you’re always keen to learn new things and push yourself, our programmes could be for you! You can find out more about our programmes on our UK Grad Homepage (linked below) and learn more about life as an Analyst at Accenture on our UK Grad Blog (also linked below).
UK Grad Homepage:
UK Grad Blog:
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Hello Rebecca,

I would like to apply for Client Delivery Program, and it says they application deadline is 31 Aug 2016, however it says closed on your website. Could you please tell me if it will open later on?


Thanks for your message. That’s correct, our Client Delivery Graduate Programme has now closed. However, we expect to open applications again in the Autumn. We will also be promoting this on our social media channels, so keep an eye out!