BPP is a recognised awarding body!



Hi Guys, I am sure you all now what BPP does? They are now can grant you a degree at their BPP Business School/Law School. Their are renowned for their quality professional training prgrams. They are now offer MSc in Accounting and Finance. What do you guys think about the prospects after graduation? Will BIG4 see the college/degree as good as ones awarded by universities?



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BPP are a highly respected oranisation. The [[Magic Circle]] (the very best) law firms have even set up a specific [[LPC]] (legal training programme) in conjunction with [[BPP]], so I imagine the [[Big 4]] would be equally happy with BPP trained graduates.

The only problem I can see with BPP is that it’s actually too good at training people for careers. Their training seems to be totally focussed on training people to know what to do “as a lawyer” or “as an accountant” but offers little else. In my opinion doing a degree or MSc should be about learning to think critically and academically, rather than just receiving pre-employment vocational training. But that’s my opinion.

BPP might have been allowed to award degrees, but they’ll never be “a university”, because at heart they aren’t an academic institution. Instead, they offer very high standard vocational training programmes… I think that’s a fair assessment, and something that BPP would agree on too… if you want to get a job, they are a great place to go.


I think BIG4 send their trainees for ACA trainig at BPP, doesnt they?


I agree with all that. The key thing about the qualifications that BPP and FTC Kaplan do is that they are vocational- not academic. The qualificatoins require you to do technical work experience as part of the syllabus - i.e. work in a firm- particularly the [[ACA]]. This means that you learn the theory at college, and the practice at work.

As for getting a degree at BPP, I don’t know about that, but it will be a pretty lame freshers ball for certain.