Quick question: what’s the online test format like? SHL?

Also, will you be doing numerical, logical and verbal tests?

This is for the summer internship in the Commercial stream.


Nope it is by Saviilz or sumthing like that, you have 2minutes per question. Easy peesy. Good luck


Are the questions similar to SHL? Any idea where I can practice?

Also, will it only be numerical?


It’s an in-house test. Different format to SHL, but it’s not difficult at all. You will have to complete numerical, verbal and inductive reasoning test. They last around 10 min each from what I remember.


The test was produced by Saville Consulting. On their website they have some practice forms in pdf format for free download. I must say they were extremely helpful. I think I did well on them, but only time will tell. Working for BP would be a dream come true!


Any idea how long they take to reply after having done the tests?


Can anyone help me ? i have submitted my application last week , however i havent heard from BP regarding the online tests , After how many days did you all get your link for online tests ? Please help , Thanks


It took a long time. I think they’re focusing on the graduate positions first and then summer interns. Just be patient.


Hi guys, how are you doing with your applications? Has anybody been in the first interview and can share their experience and also can present some brief overview on the questions asked? I have applied for mechanical engineering programme. Cheers and good luck.