BP The Future Leaders Programme



Hi guys,

anyone applied for this?

do they also have verbal and numeric reasoning testes?

any idea about the telephone interview?

Thanks guys


Hi John,
I applied for IT&S (project management) however they changed mine to business analysis & consulting. I had my telephone interview yesterday, they said it will take 2 weeks for the outcome, interview will be based on your experience and why you applied etc… I had 5 questions all based on business analysis…e.g how I build relationship with stakeholders. how I manage the project etc… your telephone interview will be based on expertise…



How is this process? Has anyone heard anything back?



So far nothing just says aplication received but it has been like that since the day I aplied for the position
No idea what is going on


How long after you aplied for the job did they called you for the interview?


Hi there, anyone got any feedback from BP yet? My application is for downstream (Asia) and so far still under status “Application Received”. Not sure if the progress is just very slow. Applied in October.


I applied for IT. Had a telephone interview and never heard anything…my status is still under review. Most positions are opened till end Dec.so u won’t hear anything till january . so keep cool


Dear all, it’s urgent!

Trust you are doing well.
I’d very appreciate your advises in respect to online interview for BP FLP through http://hirevue.force.com/.
You can email me any specific questions you’ve faced.

Your assistance is well appreciated.
Your Sincerely,


Hello Marrio,

I have given this interview recently? Is your interview finished now? Were you invited for the second interview - digital live face to face interview?