BP Technical Interview for 2016 roles



Hi all,

I have been invited to attend a face-to-face technical interview. I have applied for Commercial Downstream Graduate Scheme.

Any tips or advice? Has anyone done it before? I am really worried about that and not sure what are expected to happen in the interview.

Thanks in advance!


Hey, how did you interview go? I just go invited to the technical interview.


I haven’t had mine. When is yours?


There was a slot available for tomorrow (25th) that I’m unable to attend, but they said they will add more during the week



Hi Have you had yours?


Heyy, I have a telephone interview for BP Commercial Downstream Graduate role. Was wondering if people could share their telephone interview experience, what sorta questions do BP ask and any tips for this stage. Also, do they ask you anything about BP the company itself at this stage? Many thanks!!


Hey, I had my telephone interview with BP over a month ago now and they still have not got back to me. I have checked my status online and e-mailed them and they are yet to update me on my progress. Just wondering how long did others have to wait until they received a reply that they did/didn’t make it through to the technical interview stage?


Hi, how was your telephone interview?


May I ask how long after you completed the 1st round interview did you get the invitation to technical interview?


Hi, Pokemon, did they finally reply to you or not? If yes, how long it was after your telephone interview?


Have you heard from BP yet regarding a technical interview, just out of curiosity what position have you applied for?


Hi, I had my telephone interview in October and it took 1 month for them to call and invite me for a Technical Interview next week. I was wondering if anyone had any advice/information regarding the Technical interview because I feel a bit unprepared as I don’t know what to expect. Thanks :slight_smile:


Same here!
However, on their website, there is a video with information about the technical interview. According to it, the interview consists of 3 parts, the “talk about yourself” part, “let’s go through your cv” part and finally a scenario based question which is related to your chosen discipline.


anyone here attending the BP chemical engineering assessment centre on the 21st of December?


Hi, how was your technical interview. Hope you were successful, can you spare some helpful tips for the technical interview as I’ve just been invited. Thanks!


Hi, how was your technical interview? Hope you were successful, can you spare some helpful tips for the technical interview as I’ve just been invited. Thanks!


Hey. I’m having my technical interview the day after tomorrow. If you don’t mind sharing what it entails, it would be extremely helpful and appreciated! TQ!