BP online reasoning test



Has anyone apllied to any programe, but overseas??? please I’m still waiting the results of the online test, it’s been a week since i took it, but in their website the time of waiting is aprox two weeks, I hope I succesfull and meet you all you guys.
Thanks for the tip lord_kelwin, good luck!!!






anyone has experience with graduatemonkey? Is it any good? I saw package prices start from £19, is it worth the money?
thanks in advance!


Dear Wikijobers,

Sorry for contacting you again but I making a list of ongoing recruitment programs.

Has anyone recently passed the application stage of BP?



Good morning all.
I was about to have my test and the power went off, my laptop went off as my battery is already crashed. I switched my laptop on agai n and as i opened the link it said that the test im trying to open has already been started and cant be re-entered, Any help please?


Hi guys, how long does it take to know the result of online test? Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Amr, did you try to contact them and explain this accident? They might understand and try to help with a new test.


Administration assistance


Hi does anyone know what is envolved in a safe select test for administrative assistant


Can anyone tell me how kinds of question are coming in Bp english exam.