BP online reasoning test



@lord_kelwin & Kimhale - did you guys get those interviews for engineering or commercial roles? also are they graduate or internship positions?

because mine is for internship did my test 4 weeks now n no news.

many thanks


Where are you applying for MrPurple? Perhaps you might want to give them a call. A month does seem like a long time. It seems that everyone should receive a reply within 2/3 weeks successful or not.

I got in touch with Lord_Kelwin and his was for the petrophysicist position in the UK.


Hi Mr Purple

I applied for a graduate role as a petrophysicist. If I was you I would definitely give them a call, especially that the BP website says it should take no longer than two weeks to know the results.


Thanks to u guys 4 ur tips… Remain blessed


It took them one month to get back to me after I took the test and they told me that “after careful consideration” they believed I would be more suited for another role and are hence inviting me for an interview for that role. I was seriously about to call them!


Hello guys,

I had finally heard from them today. My interview is scheduled next week. Can someone plz help with the kind of questions BP ask for the technical interview?
I applied for the Engineering graduate programme.



Solomonlazio which engineering role are you going to the interview for? I will be at the mech eng one on the 10th. I’m assuming no one can help with the technical interview questions because these are the first round of interviews if you exclude those which were interns this summer


Hi Kim,

Mine is Control Systems on the 7th, was only asking probably some peeps that must done it in the past. I guess it should be something similar.
Wish u goodluck.


Hi guys appreciate the replies. mine was for Wells - drilling & completions internship. Gave them a ring last week they said they still haven’t processed my application & test results and will get back to me asap so I’ll wait and see.

Come to think of it you guys all seem like you’re grads so maybe they’ll do grads first and then interns. if any interns(Eng or IST) got interviews give me a shout.

Anyway thanks


Hi Guys, Anyone got interview for the Finance programme?
I have been invited for an interview, but I cannot find interview slots in their system before January 2012!!
Anyone in the same position?


I managed to get an interview for IS&T for 6th december, I wonder when other candidates are interviewing as this seems pretty late


Yes, January is too late… May be they are interviewing engineering roles first & the support functions/business roles later…


They do the first set of interviews before xmas and then another set afterwards. those of us who put our applications in early enough are in the november/december interviews, the rest are in january and very early february. it was the same for my friends who did it last year


Hi Himhale,

Can you plz confirm from your friend what kind of technical questions do they ask? Coz I really dont knw what to expect frm the technical stage.



how long did it take for bp to send the online verbal reasoning test link?


Hi Live,

Both the verbal and numerical test were together, immediately after the verbal numerical follows.
Did my interview today with bp, the interview was in two sections competency based and technical. The technical was something else, very difficult. I was given 3 P&ID diagrams to interpret. At some point I had to tell the guy interviewing me that we were not thought P&ID diagram in the Uni.
For the competency, it was more of a discussion, the lady that interviewed me was very friendly.
Everybody that did interview today were all instrumentation, control and subsea engineering grads.

They promised to get back to us by Friday, finger crossed. We were told that the first round of assessment day will be 8th of Dec 2011.

Wish u all success!



Was just wondering how everyone prepared for the numerical and reasoning tests. Have to do mine by tomorrow.



Hi guys,

I applied for the Graduate Petroleum & Reservoir Eng programme, and I have the 1st round of interviews scheduled on 24th Nov.

Would you please tell me what kind of questions to expect in the Technical + competency based interviews?

Also, do I need to revise some specific subjects for the technical interview?

Thanks for you help!


Congrats to all who have managed to secure an interview.

May I ask if after completing the online assessment, do you receive some sort of acknowledgement from BP or the test providers, Saville consulting? Or you do you just complete the assessment and wait for an invitation from BP?

Thanks in advance guys!


Did everyone manage to complete the numerical reasoning section? I am doing practice tests but can’t seem to answer all the Q’s in time :frowning: gonna take my test tonight, so so worried!
Also, anyone apply for Geoscience?