BP online reasoning test



hey lovelyj, I didnt get invited for the diagrammatic as well… I only got an invitation for the numerical and verbal…which position did you apply for?


Hello Guys , well i had the same issue it seems that the test this year will be only two parts , because in the last years it was three , Do u know what is the minimum score required to go the second stage , i guess i did not do so good in the verbal part…
how did u do guys and what profession u are applying for ?


Hello Osama-Libya and pratikprakash9. I applied for the graduate position in petroleum and reservoir engineering. The verbal was more difficult than the numerical. I called to find out if it was meant to be in 2 parts as the instruction said otherwise, the person i spoke to said it was (just verbal and numerical). Keeping my fingers crossed.


Hello Lovelyj , i am applying to Reservoir engineering also , but i am not sure if i will be invited for interview since i am not from Uk nor EU , i feel that my nationality will cause problem in screening , in fact i had a Master in Res Eng from IFP school in France and two of my friends started working now with BP.

good luck for all


Hey both of you, my verbal reasoning was not too good either. the numerical was alright. Fingers crossed. And I am applying for the commercial role (Finance). Let me know when you here from them. Thanks. :slight_smile:


I got an invite for the online tests, was just wondering are they shl or some bespoke type thing that bp only have?


It’s some weird testing company…definitely not psl or Shl…


Did any one complete them last year for the internship? Are they the same format this year? (Aside from not having the diagramatic part) I’m now applying for gratuate mechanical engineer


Hey lord_kelwin,

Have you found out whether you have passed the ability tests yet? I did mine on Wednesday, and i haven’t heard either way. I think i did pretty well, but i just want to know whether i’ve passed or failed and not be kept in limbo!



Nope. It’s been a week since I did mine. Haven’t heard from them yet.


Hi guys,

The company that does aptitude tests for BP is called Saville Consulting. Here is the link to the preparation guide for the tests they do:


There you can find sample tests of all kinds. BP does verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning and diagrammatic reasoning. This year the diagrammatic reasoning test seems to be absent, at least it was the case for me, but it may not be the case for you. Note that the actual tests are a bit harder than those on the website of Saville Consulting. The time pressure is enormous so my advice is: practice as much as you can before you take the actual BP test. Oh, and don’t bother with commercial websites, there is plenty of torrents with sample tests.


Hey guys, I did my online test two weeks ago and still haven’t heard anything. Would they definitely get back either way or do you think it means unsuccessful?


Hi guys,
I complited my test in the end of last week. I wish I had find this site earlier. I am not setisfied with my efficiency. :frowning: but fingers crossed.
What about you guys?


my test was hopeless as well…i guess because every1 is finding it difficult they might allow for more errors…lets c…


i guess it did not work with me , they will not progress my application but why ? nobody says why ?

good luck for the rest


Didn’t pass the test or something else or u know nothing about the reasons? They sent a mail, or you called them?


it took me 3 weeks to hear back from them after my test. I passed and I have the interview on the 10th November in Aberdeen. Any one else going to be there?


Would anyone know how soon one is notified should he/she not do well enough in the tests?

Congrats Kimhale! Were you notified via email or telephone?


Hi guys,

I took the test on 14/10 and heard from them on 27/10. I passed. Waiting for an interview on 16/11. I was notified by e-mail.


i was notified by e-mail! i guess they’re just processing them as soon as they can. it took me a good 3 weeks