BP interview/tests


Hi guys i did the BP numerical and verbal tests more than 1 week now still haven’t heard back from them. Anyone apply and got an interview? I mean i don’t think my tests were bad - in which case i would have been rejected instantly but i feel slightly anxious now.

let me know



same situation. I am thinkng I probably will give them a call.
don’t know whati is going on.


I took my test 3 weeks ago today and still haven’t heard anything… On their website it says we should hear from them within two weeks…

ib2012 can you please let me know what they told you if you’ve managed to get hold of them?


Which programmes are you applying for by the way? I read so many comments about people who did numerical, verbal and diagrammatic but I did no have diagrammatic in my tests… I am applying for Commercial - Upsteam.


I am applying for commercial programme too. I sent them an email, no reply so far. I did not have logical test, only had reasoning and numerical tests.


I found out last week - Through to the Trading Development Program (Assessment Centre). Booked for 1st & 2nd December.

Good Luck.


Hi ib2012 and lolotre,

If I remember correctly from the other threads, the commercial stream only requires you to complete a numerical and verbal so don’t worry.

p.knealejones, congrats on the AC. How long after the online assessment did you hear back from BP?


I heard back within a week - If it’s been longer for you I’d recommend calling HR and pushing them for an answer.


oh okay. Is this for the UK office? And are you applying for the graduate program or internship? Thanks for the heads up man and good luck for the AC!


UK office yes.

Applying for the Trading Summer Internship.

Thank You.


Finally heard form them, going to the interview for the IST programme


Hello guys,

Yeah, finally heard from them today. My interview is scheduled next week. Can someone plz help with the kind of questions BP ask for the technical interview?
I applied for the Engineeing graduate programme.



Hi guys,

I applied for the Graduate Petroleum & Reservoir Eng programme, and I have the 1st round of interviews scheduled on 24th Nov.

Would you please tell me what kind of questions to expect in the Technical + competency based interviews?

Also, do I need to revise some specific subjects for the technical interview?

Thanks for you help!


Hi Stephanie, Solomon

How did your 1st round interview go? Do you have any advice from the experience? What sort of questions did they ask for the technical interview? How was the competency based interview??



Mine was on Instrumentation & Control and the interview was based on both competency based(Why did u chose tht this position, what interest you, whats ur greatest achievement, team work, leadership n technical interview(I was given some P&ID diagrams to interprete from a control engineer perspective). The competency was okay the ladies were very friendly n it was not that kind of hash competency(You must give me a time when … lol).
For the technical it was kinda difficult for me since most questions were really industrial and field questions. Though if you had some level of experience you might not find it that challenging like me.

I wish you goodluck in this new year!


How long after the tests do they get back to you? I did them a week before chritsmas but haven’t heard anything since. I supsect they are busy during holidays but I wonder how long the timeframe usually is


It’s the Christmas season. I would be patient. If you still haven’t heard back, call them. Very friendly recruitment team.


Hi Solomon !

Thank you for your post. I got my technical interview next week for instrumentation engineer role. Could you please explain me bit more about technical questions and what are the topics I should refer before the interview.

Thank you in advance for your support.


hi , i applied for BP refining & marketing graduate programme, gosh i forgot what online test that I did, were that verbal, numerical, logical?? can anyone reminder me?..i took it in last november or december…

And anyone has attended their first round interview? Is there any tips and experiences to share with me? Very appreciate!!!

And, when I completed the online test, there was also no confirmation email, I called them, they said the result had been received, and they would not send confirmation to us, but would consider our application form and online test together, to let us know the result later~~~~so keep calm and just wait, if you have not received any confirmation after you online test!

Good luck to myself and u guys!


Any news on the BP Graduate Engineering. I applied and did the test. The last I heard from them was they were processing my application and that they would get back to me. This was since last year. Up till now, I haven’t heard from them. Who knows whats going on?