BP Graduate Scheme 2015



This forum thread is for people applying for graduate roles at BP (any country), to ask questions about the company, job applications and the interview and assessment process. Your contributions are much appreciated!



I’ve been asked to the BP assessment centre taking place this week for a HR role. Just wondering if anyone else is attending/has attended the assessment centre and knows much about the structure of the day?




I was wondering if you had any tips on this experience - I have an assessment centre for the HR role coming up on Thursday.

Thank you



I’m assuming you’ve already had and passed the HR technical interview? The assessment centre isn’t that dissimilar really. You’re normally given a case study in a group of other applicants (there was only three of us in my group though) and you just have to work through the case study as a group and then normally write your decisions up on a3 paper afterwards. We did an exercise like this twice at my assessment centre. However, the case studies won’t really be HR based - they’re just on general situations in the oil/gas industry. They say you don’t need any prior knowledge of the industry, however I found that some brief preparation on the industry would probably have helped me more. They’re watching how well you can work in a group so don’t stay quiet, but try not to dominate either and make sure you listen to other peoples ideas and take them on board. The final exercise I had was an individual case study interview, where we had 20/30 minutes to read a case study and prepare some points. (Mine was on choosing between two different countries to enter based on info given). You then go in and explain your reasoning and you can take your notes in with you. And finally they give a short question time at the end of this to ask questions about any decisions you made about the case. With this kind of case there really is no ‘right answer’ just make sure you back up your points well and explain why you’ve chosen them. And also try and prepare info for any questions they may ask. Overall the day is pretty relaxed and I got on really well with the other intern candidates so try and be friendly and make friends with them as it really helps. Good luck, sure you’ll do fine! Feel free to ask any more questions you have about it :slight_smile: