BP- graduate scheme 2012 - chemistry


Hello guys, i just wondering if anyone of you applied for graduate scheme - Chemistry with BP. I know they are busy with lots of applications… what i dont know… is whether they start the first round of interviews.



Hey! I applied for the graduate scheme and completed the online test but haven’t heard back since! Tried calling and they said they’d get back to me but still no word. Have you also done the online test? if so when did you do it?


Hello Stocko5,

I did it while ago January, but i did not heard anything since then. They probably really busy due to amount of candidates. Gd luck anyway!


Just wondering . The fact that Bp is hiring 50% more graduates. Will that increase the duration of the interviews and assessment centers or they will get them all done in the same old time line. I have not gotten an interview so am just wondering.


Dont know Zana… They send me an email and informed that they will not proceed further my application. So i guess you are still in the game…


Thank you Amazon85 for the update. I wish you success in your other applications. It takes so long to complete the applications. It is so very frustrating when they do not give feedback either way , positive or negative. This is not unique for BP . So many employers just appear not to be bothered.