BP grad scheme 2014



Anybody applied and been invited to the tests etc etc




Yup I have for IST analytics. You?
Got my phone interview tomorrow.


Just did the tests, I am guessing they get back fairly quick after you sit them?

Good luck with your telephone interview


And yeah I also did analytics


Yeah I think it was around a day! Thanks, it’s at 3:00pm so just prepping now.


My interviewer was a bit of a dick…oh well. We’ll see.


That’s bad to hear, try and stay postive.

I am guessing it was just competency based?


Yeah it was. Your typical questions - nothing out of the ordinary. My interviewer just seemed to rush me.


Thanks and good luck


Hi guys. I’m applying to ARC (accounting) and was wondering what the online tests were like? Any heads up would be greatly appreciated. Good luck everyone.


Not too bad, 4 questions in 3 mins and you have 16 questions all together.

Verbal tougher than numerical


Has anyone got/done a technical interview for BP? Know what to expect?


When did you get invited and for what role?


icnol21 check your pm


Analytics. My technical interview is this thursday after doing the phone interview last friday. There seems to be no information regarding the tech interview…


Sorry had the phone interview on the 13th…


What were the questions asked in competency interview?


Hey browncargos as has been said in other posts, the competency interview is really more of a conversation about your different experiences. I had questions such as tell me a time when you have had to use organisational and planning skills, and tell me a time when you have faced challenges working in a team. Then just general questions about my CV, and why the position, why BP etc. If you prepare its nothing to worry about.

Anyone willing to share their experience from the technical interview? No idea what to expect for it tbh, and any help would be appreciated


I applied for graduate role in Finance, risk and compliance and I have my technical interview on 11th November.
When exactly is your interview?