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Hello SoftwareDiva,

i applied for FLP information Security, but they keep transferring my application internally in different roles, first from Informations security to Business analysis, then from BA to digital security and finally from digital security to Architechture and design FLP program…
so i had interview for FLP Architechture and design (SAP Security) … i had interview with two managers hard core technical…i applied in october maybe… i been invited to that event in BP in november i guess… and so i got call two days ago before 4 hrs of my interview to confirm the timing…bit shocking tht i had to take technical interview in 4 hrs… but i had no choice… so i took it… the questions were very technical… do you really want to know the questions? it might not be ur use…


Really? It sound incredible?


Really? It sounds incredible?


Hello UjjawalChhaparia,

All the best for ur interview. Can you tell me what all technical questions did they ask you during the interview.


hi everyone i guess i was in the same boat as most folks on here with online status as application received. however I got an email for a face-face interview mid Dec, the interview is on the 13th Jan. After checking out this forum i decided to check my status again and it has changed to “interviewing”. So my guess is they have started the ball rolling with the interview process, so you all should start having your status changed too.

PS - i did not go through the any telephone interview as Mr UjjawalChhaparia and it looks like we applied for thesame function.



First of all congratulation on moving on to the second step. Could you answer these questions?

  • Which country did you applied too?
  • Can you tell us a little more about your background?

Thank you.


UK, I am a information security risk consultant for 5years now. glad to answer more questions.


as i mentioned in my comments above my application has been internally transferred into many different schemes… finally my interview was for Arch and Design …
i am not sure what they are upto its been 20 days havnt heard from them about the outcomes…


My application is still under review.


@ Sphinxman… I’m also in RSA and applied for the same position and still under review. Had my telephone interview already and they said it will take about 3 weeks for feedback.
Glad u shared tips on the interview.


Officially out of the race…
HR Status shows: “Final Review”, but got an email to inform me that my application is no longer under consideration.

good luck for the rest of you :slight_smile:


Hi Sphinxman - I’ve also applied in RSA and have made it through to the assessment centre which is held in JHB on the 16th and 17th of Jan. Have you heard anything yet?


Did somebody else notice that the “Job status date” has changed to “8-Jan-2013”?

Somebody know what it means?


@Jambonant - I believe that is the date when there is some activity on that job - it could be a job that’s put on hold, or a job that is reposted, or anything else. I had applied to another job at BP back in Sep. They recently reposted that job (guessing they didnt find what they were looking for), and the job status date changed. My HR status date has remained unchanged from a date in October, which is when I think they reviewed my file. This is my guess.

Anyone else with further interview notices?


hi guys … the status here is still application received … nothing changed since september … did anyone from Australia make an intervieW?phone or in person?


I do not know for which position you applied, but my question was more to know if your “job status date” was also changed to yesterday date.


yes it did


My Job Status date just updated to 11-Jan 2013. That is for IAP & Portfolio Analyst.


does anyone knows when the 2013 assessment center will hold? i was informed i progressed through the face2face and would get back to me on the date for AC but havent heard anything for a while now.



It depend where you have applied too.