BP Future Leaders Program



I guess the criteria are simple: (a) highly qualified, (b) work permit/visa, © first come first serve. I perfectly meet (a) & © (PhD + 8 yrs experience & applied on 2-Sept) but not (b) :frowning:

haven’t heard from BP yet, but honestly, not expecting much (I heard that BP is not willing to provide sponsorship)… good luck to all.


…where are you residing Mich8o?



Your applied position only had one available location? Where are you from, where are you applying too? Has the position I applied too had many available locations, one of which I live in.


living in France and applied to the position in the UK…


I applied in october so it seems long way to go yet.


Hi guys … I have an engineering degree, MBA ,have worked with 2 oil companies shell and total,technical and commercial …I speak two languages fluently… I applied for this position to see how it goes … I Have dual nationality… I live and work in Australia … And applied to the position based in Australia … In September … And still haven’t heard from them :slight_smile: I’m not sure how their system works …


hi @Toostrongtobetrue… great profile/work experience you have…

i have Engineering degree, MS Engineering, MBA, + 5 yrs oil and gas experience (engineering/support), other 5 yrs work experience in electronics/semicon manufacturing…

im currently in houston working for a major oil and gas company…
but i have a AU residence visa…so i applied for Australia position too in Oct 5th…
haven’t heard from them…

most people here are for UK, i guess…


i wonder if they have age limit… any idea?


Hey mate you also have a great profile … They wanted high qualified people but we could be overqualified for the job … Australia currently needs a lot of engineers in the oil and gas boom and this job might not be the best option … We’re gonna have to wait and see what they offer


any news guys?


looking at one the timeline, the one who applied on Sept 2, got an interview on Dec 3… so it’s approximately 3 months of processing…

So if applied on Oct 5, i should be expecting a reply on or before Jan 5… otherwise i should not expect afterwards… :wink:


@lock- Not sufficient data points to come to a conclusion :D…


Hi all

thanks to SphinxMan for providing info on what was asked at the telephone interview and to others who have posted on what they have received/know.

I applied on 31 Oct, got an email confirmation and the hr status is “application under review” on my account with BP. Will post further when I hear anything.

Best of luck to all of us.
doc K


Has anyone actually got a no from BP. Because I think they don’t say no until they have filled all there positions. And they keep all application in lots. So if 1st lot was not enough to fill the seats they go to next lot. Atleast that’s what a colleague of mine who came from BP told me…
Also if any more interview calls kindly share…with the time line to when did they applied…


@sphinxman did you hear anything back from BP yet…


Hi all,

I did mine around the end of October for R&M Technology. Got an email saying that due to the high volume of applications, it will take sometime to hear back from them - Application Under Review.

Assessment centres last year were around March - April, so I guess that is still plenty of time to fit both telephone and face-to-face interviews.

Any truthful clue about threshold salaries in the programme?

Best of luck for all of us


while we are waiting for bp’s feedback, i think one of the reasons it is taking them so long is this job ad:


they are still looking for Senior programme advisor for FLP in UK… :wink:
just sharing… lol…


other information we can gather from the job ad:

  • they will recruit approx 10-15 FLP candidates in UK
  • and 50 around the world…

whew!! goodluck to all of us…


Furthermore, that appears to be for the R&M section only. Therefore, one can hopefully infer that they will also be making sizable commitment to IT&S as well.


Hey gagzz123 and all,

Sorry for the silence, yeah, had my “second” interview last week - I thought it went ok but we’ll see how it goes…It was with the local Head of capital projects, she said that they’ll get back to me in the next 2 weeks…

The interview was a set of assessment questions about practical experiences (ex: a time when you had to deal with conflict with a supplier, how you managed it etc., what was the outcome?)

If successful, the next assessment interview will be early Jan and will consist of case studies.

Good luck