BP Future Leaders Program



Impressive! No wonder you have been called upon, immediately. The best of luck in your interview.


I think they working on first come first serve basis.


Independently, these are still impressive achievements, considering the position.

Good luck SphinxMan, and taking into consideration your curriculum, if you do not get a second interview I might as well start looking else where…


Thanks guys - I don’t know what their criteria are for inviting people for interviews but all the best to you too nonetheless.


@sphinx how did your interview go. What all things did they ask?


Please let us know what was asked in your interview, Sphinx?


I do believe God you passed so that you can find joy in sharing the news.


Hey guys - interview went “ok” (#you never too sure)
Alot of questions on professional qualifications and experience
Also how you’ve applied these skills practically
Finally, general questions around in which role you would see yourself at BP.
In closing statement, I got asked about my salary expectations, and how soon I would be available to start + lastly if I was interviewing with anybody else (and who)…
Duration was about 45min…
Feedback expected within 2 - 3 weeks max


Hope it helps :\


@sphinxman :
thnx buddy 4 sharing ur exp.
ATB for d results …


Thanks SphinxMan.

May I ask what you asked for a salary? I understand its personal, so feel free not too answer.


Hi guys-
I applied to the Future Leaders Programme but as I am in the US I think mine may be different. I applied for IT&S, specifically “Future Leaders Programme - IAP & Portfolio Analyst” I submitted my application Nov 13 and received the first level approval the same day. That said, I have not heard anything back in terms of setting up a phone interview.
I understand it potentially may be different for US candidates, and I see that at least one person has had a true phone interview, but does anyone know when I should expect to hear something? (Positive or negative, that is.)


I believe they call for telephone interview on first applied first serve basis,
people who applied late are still awaiting for there phone interview!!!
i applied hours before the dead line on 15/11/12
for IT&S got an email first level approval. the application status is received but havent
heard anything from BP yet. dont worry they will call you posibly the last batch.



very interesting discussion here…

i also applied for the FLP, i’m not sure how it will work, but im currently working in the US… and i specified to have assignment in Australia, because I recently got my immigrant visa there…

hopefully they will consider me…
Goodluck to all!!


I applied Nov 13th so I am hoping that you are correct.
Is anyone else here applying for a position in Houston?



Well I’ve applied for the US one, and I think it also include Chicago. But I have applied in the R&M section


im from houston… but im not applying position for houston…


@sphinxman thanx for the update. Do you remember what date in Sept you applied. As I have checked and I also applied early Sept.

Is there anyone else who applied in Early Sept and has not received anything back yet? Or is just me.

Also I just applied for the FLP position in General and did not specified where I want to be hired. As I believe location will depend on the role we choose and requirement within the company and not your choice. Reading some of the early messages it seems people have applied to specific locations. Is that correct?


Hi, I applied back on the 2nd of September…


oh ok. Thanx a lot Sphinx. You applied really early then.