BP Future Leaders Program



Here is the article: http://www.bp.com/liveassets/bp_internet/globalbp/globalbp_uk_english/press/bp_magazine/STAGING/local_assets/pdf/bp_issue_1_2012_text.pdf

Please send me the link where you saw that 100 people would be selected.


@gagzz123, pls how did your interview go last year and what did you apply for and are applying for now? Do you also know about the salary package for the flp? Looking forqard to your reply.
Have a nice day.


@Jambonant, please what page on this article do you refer to?


Simply do a search for “FLP” and you’ll find the number mentioned.


The document cleary states

250 candidates for gradute and 40 candidates for FLP for 2012
I still cant believe there are 5000 applicants for FLP but thats what the document says.
no mention about the salary, but if it is 40K its not good enough for a FLP, coz I am sure
most applied for FLP must be earning similar amount anyway!!!


Hello SoftwareDiva this is the first time I am applying. I am also waiting for inputs from others like you.


@gagzz123, you seem to know alot about thw interview preliminary timing, that is why I asked you morw questions about it. Hope you are not feeling somewhat¤


received a mail from BP … stating that they will take further more time to process the application …
Keeping finger crossed …


Yeah, same yeah


Just got the email too, I guess my email server is slower then yours!


Same here…Is still open? It’s gonna take forever!


Same here. Since morning. Got two of such mails. #FingersCrossed


Same here guys…received that email as well…Looks like…we will just have to wait some more!!!Allt he best to everyone :slight_smile:


Hi All - it’s the same for me. Got that e-mail too.

Good luck to all


Seems like they got many more applications then they expected…:slight_smile:


Hey all - just joined this forum :slight_smile:

…I applied back in September and I got an email yesterday inviting me for a telephonic interview on monday.

Job Status is still: Application Received


To which position did you apply? Research and Tech or Business Operations?


Congratulation SphinxMan, that is more then most of us have received thus far. Which country did you applied?

Make sure to tell us how it went, as we all want to know more about the interview process.


@SphinxMan: Congrats!

May I ask: what’s your background (education + work experience)? also, are you resident of the UK or of any of the countries where positions are available?

best of luck


ok, for everyone’s interest:
I had applied for the Refining & Marketing division

Details received from HR about the telephonic interview:
"The interview should last 30 to 40 minutes and will focus on your profile, experience to date and your career aspirations. "

Background is Engineering (post grad Degree); MBA; 7 yrs of exp; currently residing in RSA

Will let you guys know how it goes on Monday… Good luck to the rest of you!