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Dave what program have you applied for? When did you had your interview? I am assuming you were asked the same questions which Ukit stated in his post. Kindly share…


as far as I know, application received is a status prior to application under review. My application was application received and then changed to under review.


and gagzz123, I have not had it yet.


Hello all

I applied also for R&M and my status says Application Received. If anyone has any further info the process for this stream, would be much appreciated


Any updates anyone. Any more telephonic interviews?


Nothing yet for me.


hi dock,

I also applied for R&M on the 1/11/2012 and my hr status says ‘application under review’ as of 06/11/2012. have you had any update on your status. please reply.

Thanks in anticipation.


Hi SoftwareDiva

I’ve just logged into see that my hr status also says ‘application under review’ as of 07/11/12.

Please keep me posted if you get any further changes. I will also aim to do the same!

Doc K


Dear all,

I applied to “Future Leaders Programme – R&M Technology”, job ID #37401BR.
Status went “on hold” on October the 8th. After a week or so, I sent an email to BP Global Careers asking for a clarification. Here’s an excerpt from the reply I received:
“Please be informed that the application status “On Hold” is the status where the application would kept on hold for further reviews of the recruitment team”.

The Status remained “on hold” till last week when it changed to “Application Under Review”.

Hope the above helps.

Let’s see what comes next.


Hi All,
Thanks for that information Jambonant.My status still remains as ‘Application Under Review’.I guess we have to wait till the closing date of Nov 16th …



Sorry i meant MIch8o :slight_smile:


No updates just yet. Still just yet, still under review.

Dock, any changes yet and what location are you applying to, mine is UK.

Wishing us all best of luck.


I did not apply to any specific location. My understanding was that it was a matter of you work visa availabilities.


Hi all, no change to my status as yet, still says Under Review as of 07/11/12.

SoftwareDiva - I applied for UK aswell.

Good luck to all!


Last year the telephonic interviews started in 1st week of dec. I think this year would be no different…


Hi gagzz123,

Thanks for the tip. do you know when the interviews (face-to-face) took place?



Hi All

I have applied in BP’s FLP program 20 days back and my status is Application under review
Since I am from India I am quite skeptical about my chances …
Does anyone has idea whether face-to-face is a must or telephonic interview is sufficient enough …


Kush Sharma


Hi Kush Sharma

Under the ‘Apply Now’ section on the BP website the process is described in more detail. (I am unable to post the weblink on here.)

Hope this helps.

Good luck to all of us!

Doc K


Any update on your status, mine is still same? I know today is the last deadline for accepting app.


I applied yesterday for IT&S, got an email today from HR “We are pleased to confirm that, based on the information that you have provided, you meet the essential criteria and qualifications for this position we will contact you in due course” and when i log in my application status is received.

as of today that the only email i have got, If i get any news i will update on this site.