BP Future Leaders Program



I got “On Hold” as well. I hope it’s not what you are thinking. Honestly hope it’s not.


Hey guys, I’ve also applied and also have “on Hold”. My guess is that the registration is still open until the end of October.

So my guess is that “On Hold” means that you pass the minimum requirements and that they are waiting to the end of the of the registration to look into our file.

We should keep each other posted anyway.


It’s shame that everyone is asking others to share experience and give tips on interview but no one is ready to share their own experience. Many people post before interview and ask for help but the same people never bother to come back after interview and tell anyone about it. Disappointing to say the least.


Hi Jambonant
I have telephone interview coming up soon. Do you mind sharing your experience please?


Congratulation on getting a phone interview.

As stated in my previous message, my status is still “on hold” and did not get a phone interview yet. I will surly keep you guys posted if I do get an interview.

Please do the same when you get yours.


Hi All,

my HR status is “application received”. Is “on Hold” next status to this? I thought after this you would be called for a telephone interview?


You are correct. Once they received your answer and evaluate that you fill the minimum requirement they should put you on hold. Or if you are like “Dave12345” you may get a phone interview.

Keep us posted dr.A


Did the status for any of you changed from HOLD. Or did anyone else got any interview calls.
I am new to this forum and it seems no body has shared there interview experience from last year. This years applicants kindly share your experience.
Also I have question a regarding relocation. I have applied for Refining & Marketing program and within the job description it states the relocation is negotiable. So does any one have any idea is BP willing to sponsor visa’s for this program as they do it for other jobs. I am asking this as I am based in a country were this program is not applicable yet.


hi All,
Anyone with a HR Status “Application Under Review”? (the HR Status Date is Oct 16)


Same here buddy.
Fingers crossed


Hi everyone,
NEw to this forum as well :slight_smile: My HR status is also ‘Application Under Review’ …so keeping my fingers crossed …


It seems the deadline changed from 31st Oct to 16th Nov now. If any one gets an interview call, kindly share.


Hi gagzz,
From where did you get that information?


I got a call as well, asking all my professional details and expectation.
Not sure what to expect further.


ukits2012, thanks for sharing your info. After re reading the board you are the only one who has received a phone call for the 2012 application. So I will ask you a few questions. Feel free to answer to your liking.

Was it a formal phone interview?
What did they asked?
Did they told you what the next step would be?
Which job are you applying to?
What is your online status says now?

Thanks a lot!


Hi, Is that so, none here has got a call yet for 2012?

  1. Not a formal interview. More of a screening
  2. Basic question like visa status, current job, current salary , why BP etc
  3. She said, will get back if shortlisted for a face to face interview.
  4. IT&S
    5.No change in status, still says application recieved.

I can see a lot of folks with BP future leader program on Linkedin. Looks like certainly a good programme, I would definately want to appear for an interview.
Also a very global company,who wouldn’t.


BP is an equal opportunity employer
Segment Refining & Marketing
bp.com #tag FLPRM2012 FLP2012
Removal Time 23:59 (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Removal Date 16-Nov-2012

As you can see they have changed the removal date.


Hello Ukit, Thank you for the reply. You have given some useful information, may be they are starting with FLP-IT&S.

It will be helpful if more applicants can share their experience. Are you aware is BP willing to sponsor visa for FLP program?


Ukit that sounds like telephone interview.


I have to agree with Dave12345, on that one.
Furthermore as far as I can tell you are the only one with application status as “application received” All of us have “on Hold” or " application under review"

Did they warned you or simply called you out of the blue?