BP Future Leaders Program



Hey there!

I applied for Bp’s Future Leaders program and I got called for a telephone interview. I have chosen next Tuesday.

Is there anyone out there with the same application and has had the interv? How did it go please?

Thanks a lot!


Hey, i did it on the same day…did you get any feedback/answer ?? Thanks!


None yet, brother!
The lady only told me if successful, they’ll forward my appl to BP and interview would be ard X’mas.
When did you apply?


More or less 2 wks ago, I will keep posted as soon as I will get an answer!


all right, thanks! Got some experience? Share it w/me!



I also applied for the same program and my phone interview is in the next couple of days.

Please any tips and advise would be great.

Thanks in advance.


I have yet to apply for the FLP, but I want to. I won’t finish my Master’s degree until next year (2013), though. I’m - more or less - looking for BP contacts who have dealt with or are working in the FLP @ BP.


Hiya folks!

So how did your interviews for this programme go? Could you please elaborate on what they asked you and your thoughts on what they are looking for?
…Any personal experience you have about this BP FLP programme and the interview experience/assessment would be greatly greatly appreciated!!



Hi everyone,

I have being called for the assessment center interview which will be on March 27. I will like to know if there is anyone with tip or information on the interview process.



Hi, every one, the FLP programme for 2013 entry, when can start to apply, and interview will be conducted at which month? Thanks !


Any feedback on the assessment center? I have being called for next May… any tip will be highly appreciated!


hi bro,

pls can you ell me what questions were asked at the telephone interview. many thanks


Hi guys!

I’m just wondering if there’s anyone who’s applied for the future leaders programme (Research and Technology Stream in particular) for this year and has been called for the telephone interview.
I will be pleased to receive a PM from you.




I’ve also applied for the programme but no news yet. I think it usually takes until December to start with the selection isn’t it?


BTW do you know anything about salaries within the programme?

Thanks guys!


Hey Russian04,

To which of the streams did you apply and when?
I know not of programme salaries.
Feel free to PM me or mail.



Hey guys, I have also applied for the programme…but also no news atm. I think it will take a while.

Good luck to everyone.


Hi Lexi,

I applied for Refining & Marketing. I also think that it will take a while before we know something. However I was interested to have at least a general idea on salaries since at the moment I’m working for another Multinational and was curious if would be worth it.

No clues anyone?



Hi there,

Have you logged into your account lately to check your job submission status? Or have you been invited for interview yet?
I will be pleased to hear from anyone with an informative answer.
Thanks and cheers!




I see that the HR Status changed to “On Hold”. I guess they are rethinking about hiring this year…any news?