Bp flp 2016



Has anyone attended the next stage of the digital interview during the Future Leaders Programme Application Process? I have cleared my first digital interview through hirevue. I have asked to give second digital interview which will be live with BP employees. Can anyone please share their experience / type of questions asked in this live interview?
Thank you.


Shwetaz, do you think you can please share your experience and type of questions asked during the first digital interview for the FLP 2016?

Thank you!


Hello, I have completed the second interview as well 2 weeks ago but still no answer.

Did you get any feedback ?


All the best to you. Please let me know how it goes. Unfortunately i could not get through.


Hello, first digital interview had fixed questions for all the candidates. Those were competency based questions. It included - example of team work, difficult situation, difficult feedback.



they came back to you after the second digital interview? after how many days?


Same day. May be they are still evaluating your application. Btw… did you check your spam folder? The subject would be ‘application update’


yes I did… no mail from them …
also my status in their website is the same as before… digital interview


In how many days did they respond to the first digital interview?


Hello…I know this is a year old thread. I need to give a digital interview and I have been told there are 9 competency questions. Can you please help me out with it?


Hello… alienasyed09

How did your interview go. Any updates since the interview…