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Guys I have an assessment centre coming for BP. I heard that there will be 5 activities during this two-day event. Can anyone tell me what these 5 activities are please?

I’m guessing there will be presentation, in tray or e tray, group discussion. So what else?

Thank you very very much!



Hi ellaw,
I had an assessment centre for BP’s finance programme just before Christmas, but was unsuccessful (partly because I was exhausted from a 2-day A/C in Blackpool the day before!). Below is a summary of what happened.

My A/C was held at Beaumont House a hotel/conference centre on the edge of Great Windsor Park. Went to the meeting room, after checking in and settling into my room, around 6.30, for the introductions, presentation and run through the plan for the next day etc. Then off to the bar, and dinner before we left to our rooms we were given a case study to read through to help us the following day.

After breakfast and checking out we all met up in the meeting room for the day to begin. The day revolved around a fictitious oil company investigating oil production off the coast of a fictitious African country. The day was mainly group exercises, with two individual ones, each exercise will have its own case/briefing sheet. In the first exercise we had to do decide on different exploration options to find the best block of oil field to buy, second exercise we had to work in pairs to have a role-playing meeting to find out more information about different types of oil platform, then a group exercise to discuss our findings from the meetings and come to a decision.

After a quick lunch had to do a written report individually, for 1hr 15mins, deciding on the best course of action to take with a refinery in the UK given the case study for that exercise, then give a 10 minute presentation to an assessor on your findings and recommendations. My worst exercise of the day I think, atrocious time management from me, and left no time to run through in my mind what to say in the presentation (no separate prep-time for that part). Fourth exercise was a final group exercise to decide what to do with a surplus of 300 million gallons of gasoline.

Finally, I had a self-review exercise with one of the assessors, where I had to say what I did badly/well, what I had learned, what were best/worst parts of the day etc. At least it was a nice assessor guy doing it, which made it easier to be brutally honest about my performance. They do that exercise to test the competency of self-awareness and learning & development.

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Excellent post, Ucayman! Thanks very much!

How many people attended and how many vacancies were there?

Thanks in advance! X


ucayman made an excellent post!
Just to add, in my experience, that groups were pretty small 3-4 ppl/group.
And not to be worried about the dinner. It was mostly with HR people, who are very nice. It was relaxing, and u could eat as much as you want!

Other info about no of vacancies etc. are not disclosed.

Good luck guys


Thanks Ucayman for such a good comment .

I am going to attend the assessment by the end of this month so keep your fingers crossed for me.

I think you have covered almost everything but please let us know what are the important things we should be aware of during the whole day? Any thing most important!!!

Also when did they come back to you with the results?


s Khas



I think I would say get a good night’s sleep!! As the day is quite intense, in terms of both number of exercises and amount of brain power in use.
Also time management on the written exercise, as you must allow time to prepare for the presentation (which has no separate prep. time). And for the role-play, (I was in a pair, and it’s probably easier on your own) try to be quick in coming up with questions to ask the “expert” and also plan exactly what you are going to ask (allowing room for follow-up questions which you WILL need to ask to get all of the information), and keep an eye on the clock as you will be marked down if you over run, factor in that the expert may ramble on in some answers (reducing your time).

I think they got back to me a couple of days after, by email, as I was rejected :frowning:

Just relax and you’ll do well…

Good luck, and keep us posted on the outcome,



Hi ucayman,

Thanks for nice suggestions. I hope there is no right or wrong answer but they do see want to see your approach and how you work with each other.

I am sure I will do well. I am very positive.

S Khas


Hi aquary,

cheers, yeah he covered it nicely…but if you don’t mind you could share your experience too.
Also if you have been successful…congrat! but if not then what do you think went wrong? for the sake of others!

S Khas


Anyone been invited to the assessment centre lately?