BP Assessment Centre (Finance and A/c)


Hi all!!

I am going to attend BP’s assessment centre in two weeks. I passed the first round interview, and the staff are very nice, therefore I really hope I will nail it this time!

It includes a networking dinner, then next day assessment centre, with a mixture of individual and group based tasks (business simulation exercise). Other than that, there is no more information.

Anyone has any experience of BP assessment centre before? Or any advice in the networking dinner, or the assessment day itself?

Many thanks! Your help is very much much appreciated!


pls anyone has any info yet? pls kindly share!!

btw, someone msg me asking about the online test. I m not sure how to reply, and tot it’s better to post on the forum anyway.

The test wont be so similar to SHL tests (i tot the same thing). As far as I remember it includes a verbal and a logical session where you need to do things like find the odd one out etc. quite similar to some IQ tests actually.
So I guess not much chance to practise it, just keep a clear mind and (in my case) a full stomach haha.
Good luck!


i applied a couple of weeks ago actually a month for an accounting internship…i sat the tests…havent heard from them yet…


again, Q&A about the online test. the phycho. test is not assessed, just to give you a feel if BP fits you.
And then the tests to do after ur applications been through; again i m not aware of any practice tests for the logical one; but chill out, they are not too difficult, just need to use ur logics and find out the general rule/mechanism of the lot, which, as I have also mentioned, reminds me of the IQ games I played before…so perhaps have a search for those? And there will be some sample/practice before u get down to the real one!
@Chim: no news is good news? I think they are rather busy at the moment. Took them quite long to get back to me as well.
Fingers x

perhaps that’s also why there is not yet anyone able to give me tips on the assessment centre so far…


I phoned them a couple of times they kept saying they will get back to me in a few days…been over a month…

i guess ure rite…the companies that have got back to me quickly have rejected me…so i dont mind waiting…as long as its good news of course.

i done the tests they were relatively simple compared to the RBS ones I done…more to do with common sense.


Hi there,

I attended the 1st round interview (Graduate Accounting & Finance) on 26th Nov (Wed…) at Sunbury. and i did not received the result till now```I just thought they would let me know the result within this week.
so could you pls tell me that when you attended the first interiew, and when you received the result?
Any information would be highly appreciated! Cheers.


I have an interview in a couple of days but unfortunately have never been to an interview situation before, i will like somebody to help me with a situation where he/she went the extral mile to help a customer. What it requires. Thx


@Sara: I hope its good news?
@junior: i dont really get it, but u need to base it on ur own experience. plus that question didnt come up in my experience with BP. good luck with ur interview.


Hi Aquary,
Thanks very much for your help! How r u? I just found that I missed their call after my interview day. Fortunately, I got passed the first round interview````I will attend the so-called first F&A AC on 12th Dec. I think you are prob in that one too`` coz there seems only first round AC opens for graduate F&A position. not sure about when is the next one…So lucky we will meet on that daytoughstill not get any information about BP’s assessment centre!! esp F&A…totally no idea about thislasts long, and no interviews! so what we are gonna do on that day?
anyway```just try to search for some information about that! how is your thing going?


Hey Sara, its alrite, I am glad it’s good news for you!
Yes that’s the AC i m attending! So i ll see u there! (PM)
I still have not got any idea what’s gonna happen yet - hence this post…The BP AC in Energy Wiki here is also not relevant, coz its only 1 day for us.
I called BP, they have not finished organised the AC since this is the first one, but promised to send everyone a more detailed email early this week. Pls drop me a note if you receive one, coz i have not got any !


Hi Aquary,
Thanks for telling me!
I still have got no information about the AC. i just know it might have 2 or 3 group exercises, and some individual works. keep updating! if i received the email, i will tell me. but i think you will probly receive it earlier than me. ha ha
cheers, see you on the day!



I shall be attending the assessment center next week for engg faculty. I shall be really thankful if anyone could guide me as what is the process and how to prepare?


hey naina,

im hashim…hmmm…thats great that you got to the assessment centre stage…I’ve done the tests but not heard from them.

Good luck



Hey hassim
do u mean the online test or the technical interview?

Its a bit long process I am sure they will get back to you.

Good luck :slight_smile:



Not had any interviews yet :(, but ive done the online tests :slight_smile:

hope i hear from you seen. Let me know how ure assessment centre goes.

Have you prepared ?




I really dont know how to prepare and to prepare on. Just have no clue nothing is mentioned anywhere. Do you have any idea?


well all that I know was until the technical interview part, rest is all unknown :frowning:

hopefully will see something…


I thinks its best to go with a fresh mind…with ure talent surely you will do well…

i dont think preparation will do much apart from making you tense

wat do u think ?



hi everyone. i will be attending an AC 2moro as well. have no idea what to expect and what is prepared for us. haha. any idea what is the dress code like for the networking dinner? thnx!!


hey…rest assured that no one knows more than you about the AC.
I donno about the dress code, but it’s still business context, and it’s safe to dress conservatively haha
I ll see u guys tomorrow. we could form a table of wikijob users lol haha!