BP Analytics Grad Program 2020

Royal Dutch Shell

Hey guys! I have a BP assessment centre coming up for their Analytics Grad program and I was shocked to find out that they have a coding test. As someone without a coding background, does anyone know what questions they usually tend to ask?


Hi, is this the analytics programme within supply & trading? Have you had your assessment centre?

I’m preparing for application next year - could really use some advice for the technical interview / AC! Thanks and best of luck :slight_smile:


Wah bro. How come you preparing for next year so early ah?


Haha I heard it’s super competitive so better start early. Esp as I have no coding background either!


Hi Nik,

Did you pass the test and get an offer?
Can you let us know more about the application process?


It sounds interesting that BP selected candidates without coding experience. Did you receive offer? Is the recruitment process slow or long? Thanks.