BP 2019 Graduate Program



Does anyone got invited to the assessment centre?

Any tips insights?



I haven’t had my Technical interview yet. Did you? How was it?


I haven’t had my technical interview either. Did you have one? Also, did you get the AC invite today? Thanks!


I missed this! Mine was ages ago. Like 6 weeks. I applied for Commercial (Supply and Trading).


It was quite relax.

Practise case interviews before attending this will help you a lot. Before you talk think, this is highly recommended.

Best of luck!


Thanks, mine is an Engineering position so I don’t really have cases to practice. I’m glad yours went well though. Good luck at the AC! When are you having it?


Hey guys,

I applied for the BP Commercial (Supply and trading) programme, last month, and just heard back from them to finish the numerical and verbal tests.

Any advise on what kind of questions were asked, the structure of the test, the difficulty level, any comparable tests you can think of that are similar? Any advice would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

I have to do them within three days.


Is this for grad or the internship?