BP 2019 Graduate Program



has anyone applied for the 2019 BP graduate program?


I am applying. In which stage of the process are you?


I have just completed the SJQ 2 days ago and waiting for the next step now. What about you? What are you applying for?


This is my email ajmp89.uk@gmail.com. If you can, drop me a line so we can speak better.


What graduate program did you apply for? I applied to BP’s trading graduate program and have only done the aptitude tests so far


I applied to the reservoir engineering position. I’m still waiting to get an invitation to the numerical and verbal tests after having completed the SJQ. How long after the SJQ did you get the invitation to the verbal and numerical tests?



I applied for Downstream Commercial. I pass the first online test and I submitted a few hours ago the numerical.

Good luck,


For those of you guys whobhave taken the numerical and verbal tests. Do you have any advice?


Anyone heard back from Telephone Interview?


I booked mine for Nov 12th. Anyone have it earlier?


When did you guys hear back after the aptitude tests?


Anyone heard back from Telephone Interview?


I just got an email asking me to schedule it.


They are taking AGES!


Yeah I know they are. If it helps, they’re taking an average of 2 weeks to get back to me between each step.


@Angilbert_J_Martins how did your telephone interview go? Do you have any advice?


Sunday, I will let you know by then.


So when I booked my interview i got a confirmation email. This email says “Interview 8” (see attachement)
Anyone has any idea what that is?


Mine had said 7. I don’t know what that means.


And when is yours @ABABA?