BP 2010 intake


submitted my application 2 weeks ago and no news so far

how is everyone doing with BP graduate application?

All the best~~~



It’s not looking good for BP. They’ve been rejecting people left and right… and these people made firsts at Cambridge/Oxford, etc.


yeah, i just got dinged (rejected)


ditto :frowning:


I’ve got an interview in Feb :slight_smile:


I’ve been given an interview in Feb too…I don’t know if they’re holding any before this date. What positions have people applied for?
I’ve never spoken to anyone who works for them before, what are they like? If anyone knows…



I’ve got an interview in Feb as well…


No, i got dumped by them. clearly don’t understand what they are missing lol


Hi everyone,

I applied for the BP 2010 petroleum engineering summer intern program and took the online test. It’s been two weeks and a couple of days now and no response yet, neither an email of acceptance for the 1st interview nor rejection. Has any applicant for this year’s summer intern program heard from BP?


Hi dquento. It took me very long time as well since mine had to go over the bad snow period. I think around a month or so. All the best…


Thx fishnchips! that brings some relief. I hope you got in.


I ve got my online test for BP’s drilling and completions…anyone’s got any experience with that…will appreciate if someone could share their experience!


Hey saurabh
How did ur test go?..what was the pattern?..please reply as soon as possible…give some details that may be useful.



I think the Graduate recruitment team of BP is NOT doing proper job, they keep rejecting people unfairly and on top of that they don’t give you any reason why.

I’m an engineer and I’ve applied for an engineering position, although I have a PhD, MSC, and MENG from top 10 UK universities with minim 2:1 requirement, I 've been rejected because I did not meet the entry requirements. I was really puzzled .
I called them to double check as I thought they made a mistake, but they said they are treating all the applications fairly and cant give me a reason why I’ve been rejected.

BP job application form is one of the hardest/ toughest and longest applications I’ve ever filled in, it took for me so long to get it done, but at the end you get rejected with no explanation. I really dont like their stratigy as they hide behind this slogan : “Unfortunately, due to the large number of applications that we receive, we are unable to provide you with feedback.”
In my opinion they are not doing great job, so personally I don’t think I will wast my time on their application form again.



Hi Miz,

Yeah that’s why I’m not going to do any post-grad qualification because the employers really do seem to concentrate more on your personality and response to questions than level of qualification (as long as it’s above 2.1). I get the feeling I’d be at no more advantage putting a masters qualification on my CV than bachelors. They have a scoring system on the application form and you either meet it or you don’t regardless of level of study; hense ‘treating all applications fairly’. Either that or they’ve run out of jobs!

Having said that, my knowledge of the engineering field is limited so the situation may be different for specialist roles.


Hi Miz,

Im sorry for you but dont give up…

I dont think what you think is totally correct because I went for the Technical and Personal interviews myself. There were 3 people (me inclusive) coming for one post. I am a PhD with BEng, while the other guy had PhD (but not sure he had M/BEng) and the third guy is an MEng. We were all in our final years and studying different subjects which are still related to the job. So I think there is a variation here and it seems that qualification is not the only one they look for. Maybe there are some specific qualities that they are aiming for that will match BP’s work culture. Probably some advice for others - when filling in the application form, try to choose various examples which will reflect BP’s qualities. You can get this quality set from their website, which are common things that companies look for anyway such as adaptability, motivation etc…


The test went fine!

It is really easy I think even though I have not heard from them whether I have been successful or not yet!

You might want to practise some tests and time yourself. Below is the format of the tests:

Three sections with 2 testlets in each section:

1). Section 1: Verbal reasoning ( 6 mins) : Both the testlets (3mins allocated) had 2/1 paragraphs and had 4 questions following each of them.

2). Section 2: Numerical reasoning : Same formats all based on graphs (1st testlet)/tables (2nd testlet) and their interpretation.

3). Section 3 : Digrammatical reasoning : They gave you some operators on the left and questions on the right and you had to come up with the final shape of the figures after applying the operators.

All the questions were multiple type but the answers were so confusing/similar to each other.

Hope this helps and good luck with yours!



Had an interview in Shepperton on the 16th Feb, didnt get invited to the assessment center but was made an offer of a summer internship instead, does anyone know what these are like? Is it just like work experience or do you get a project to work on, I need to do a summer Msc project this summer and would ideally like to combine the two, is this possible?


Sickening, disheartening, should have never happened.

There were not the appropriate safeguards in place, and heads should roll over this one.