Bouygues Energies and Services graduate scheme


Just wondering has anyone else applied to this, as there are not threads for it?


I have, my telephone interview is friday. Can’t really find any information about the interview itself but I am going to assume its competency based. Any information to help me and others will be good?


Yeah thats why I started this thread. I have mine on on friday too, the HR lady mentioned it was competency based.


Good luck to both of us :). Which scheme are you applying for?


Have you heard anything back yet? I just got a call today inviting me to the AC.


I have an AC tomorrow, any advice from anybody that did it today?


I attended the AC on the 26 June and just heard back today that I didn’t make it through. Who else attended the AC on the 26 June? It would be good to hear from you, I think we all got on quite well!


Hi. I attended the AC on the 25th of June, I got called back for the final stage. I’m delighted, But everyone thought they did very well, so its hard to tell why they chose each person.


Hi, sorry for the late reply. Congrats on getting through to the final stage! What was it like and what scheme did you apply for?


I applied for the engineering scheme. which one did you apply for?
It was okay, it was just another interview with the MD and Head of HR.
Basically asking questions to find out about your management style.


sorry the engineering scheme