How do people out there feel about bonuses?

Are they truly an incentive or an effective mechanism to reduce remuneration levels?

I believe that bonuses can only be an incentive if they are applicable at the personal level, so that the individual employee’s performance will directly affect his bonus i.e. if this project is completed on time and budget the bonus will be X.

Are you motivated by bonuses? Do bonuses even cover your unpaid overtime work?


hey Seang

think you’ve got a point on the bonus issue. I’ve been ripped of (in my opinion) and must confess bonuses are not a big concern for me.

I was given a work schedule to complete and offered a completion bonus and an additional discretionary bonus. The task was easily verifiable as to whether it was completed on time. I completed the task and was paid the completion bonus, but the company refused to pay any discretionary bonus.

I thought that, seeing as i’d completed the project, I would have been in line for atleast 50% of the discretionary bonus.

Getting nothing was really disappointing and I really felt cheated and scammed.

Does anyone trhink that I was off the mark in my expectations?


Hi Taysider
i think you were right to be more than a bit teed off!!


Barrier / Seang

i agree with the general drift of your conversation, bonuses have never had much of an impact on how I carry out my duties.



Bonuses are just a con to keep salaries low.