I am invited for the AC on the 22nd and 23rd too. I will be in Stockholm on the 21st. How about you? When will you be arriving? Let me know if you are also landing at Stockholm on the 21st, we can meet up!!


anybody wanna help us by letting us know what to expect from ACs? how’d it go? what does AC consist of?


Good luck, let us know how it goes!


Hey Guys, Has anyone finished the AC and been selected as well? Would be great to get some insights about the process. Thanks!


It’ll probably take a week! Maybe less. Which assessment were you at? And how did it go?


any news guys? there’s still no word on my side, I don’t know whether I’m rejected or being considered for the next AC in May


If you’re in engineering, I believe the two AC’s have passed. Both of them took place in April (16th and 22nd) for Rail Control Solutions. I believe the ones in may aren’t for engineering. In fact, there were 24 people invited for engineering, and there aren’t even 24 engineering positions available.


I think one of the ACs in May is for engineering. Has anyone got any offers yet?


Has anybody heard of any assessment centers in June? I was told there would be one for the professional track. Also, how long after the interview did you get invited? Anyone from the U.S.?


does anyone know anything about the ACs in May? anyone been invited already? do you know where they will be? stockholm, berlin???


Has anyone received an invite for an AC in May? For people who received their invites for the April ACs: How many days before the AC does the company send out invitations?


no not yet, I will keep you posted if I hear anything


tomorrow is my phone interview for general track , Can anyone please guide me ??? I am really nervous !! I have no idea what i will be saying for 30-40 mins over the phone .Does anyone have got some idea about the questions


Just stay calm and try to give your best! The questions are very specific and to-the point. They ask you about challenging team settings, inter-cultural awareness, any difficulties that you faced during certain projects, leadership experience, and if you speak any other language such as French, they test you on that as well.


Hey buddy,

I think you are done with your ACs right??.
How did it go?
Could you please share your experience.



I just finished only the phone interview but they asked me quite a lot of questions besides testing my language skills in French. I am still waiting to get a call for the AC.


yeah i got done with my phone interview 1 hour ago , it was for 35 mins . and she asked me so many questions and she told me about the assessment dates 19th and 20th may in italy.




Okay buddy. Seems we both are on the same boat. Fingers crossed. All The very Best.


Hello Guys,

It seems my chances of getting selected for ACs are narrowing down.
ALL THE BEST to you all.

In May there are 2 assessment centers for HR, NPR Procurement and Center Technology Office.
And in June there are 2 other, one for IT and Industrial Strategy.