I haven’t received a rejection email yet. But i still hope for the best.


It would be great to meet up. When are you flying in? I’d like to branch out and network as much as possible.

Based on my understanding, there’s a group exercise, and I want a strong and effective team.

Aside from the email they sent, do you know anything about the AC? Do you know someone who has participated in it before?


You never know. There are more AC’s in may, so there’s plenty of time! Good luck!


Do you think the group exercise is about competition between many teams?


Hello everybody,
I was invited in Stockholm on April 22nd. Anybody flying from Italy-Milan?
Good luck to all of you!!


For the people that got accepted so far:

  1. Do you know anything about the AC, other than what they have told us?
  2. What undergraduate degree do you have/or are about to obtain?

I’m departing tomorrow and will be there on the morning of the 15th. I’m also staying a couple extra days. If anyone else is, let me know and we can make plans!


Thank you. The first day is primarily the information day, and the second day is the actual assessments. The invitation is to sweden. You have to book your own flight (they want you to get the cheapest and they’ll cover it). They already booked the hotel for those selected, but it’s a 45 minute walk from the actual assessment centre.


It is not a competition, the primary goal of this exercise is to see how you interact in a group.

  1. Nope
  2. Electrical Engineering and German

I am getting in on the afternoon of the 15th! And I’m also staying a couple of days! I’d love to have someone to adventure with! PM me (if that’s a thing…I’m new here)


EE here as well!

On the 15th, I’m going to trek to and from the location of the hotel so I can ensure that I won’t have trouble the day of. I also plan on doing some exploring after I take a nap when I get in!

Just realized you can’t PM someone when they post as anonymous. So PM me if you want to coordinate with one another!


I have been invited for the assessment on the 22nd at Stockholm too. I will be arriving at Stockholm on the 21st. How about you? If you are landing at Stockholm on the same day and if our timings match I guess we can go to the hotel together. What do you think? I am flying from Paris.


does everyone who were invited for ACs in April have an Electrical Engineering degree?



I have been invited for the assessment on 16th April at Stockholm. I am flying from London, ON, Canada.


When are you flying? I’m flying out today from Ottawa. Keep in touch, we’ll plan a meet up.


Me neither…waiting since end of January :frowning: Maybe it is because they rescheduled the final application deadline to April 30?


I am flying tomorrow noon. See you there. Good luck


How do you guys prepare for the AC?


Anybody! Let me know where you stay on the 15th or the weekend! EEngineer might not get back to me on time, and I’d rather stay with one of you all!


Hi ankelssj. How was the Assessment centre in Derby UK? Have they got back to you and how long did it take them to get back to you? How many people did they take out of how many of you?


Hello All,

All The Very Best to all the candidates for the upcoming ACs.