I’ve been invited to the AC in Stockholm, Sweden on April 16th. Just got the email today. A little late notice, but better late than never.

Anyone from Ontario want to fly with me?


that’s amazing, congratulations! can you tell us a bit about yourself? I’m from Toronto as well, Icelandic Air always has the cheapest flights…


I have been to stockholm many times before. if you’re flying to Arlanda (which is probably the case) you can take the train from there to the city or there’s a company called flygbussarna that offers cheap bus rides into stockholm… are you a masters student? I have some knowledge about sweden, ask me if you need anything!


Arlanda is about 1 hour away from the hotel, so I think that’s the best option. Google maps suggests I take the flygb (which I believe is the same as flygbussarna, right?) from the airport to the hotel.

Is there anything I should be aware of? Any tips are appreciated!

I’m an undergrad student actually!


yeah flygbussarna or swebus… both companies are good! if you want to check out the city before you leave, you can book arlanda express train, which costs more but gets you there much faster (giving you more time to explore the city, gamla stan etc)… I can’t think of anything else you need to be aware of… you can write to me here if you have any questions. best of luck with the assessment centre!


Thanks so much for the help. Best of luck, I hope you also get invited.

If so, let me know and maybe we can coordinate a flight booking together.


Same here.
Nothing yet


You seem to be well acquainted with Stockholm.


Hey everyone,

After my telephonic interview in March I was told that there would be AC’s in Germany in the month of April. Did anybody else get to hear the same?


I was told the same. No info yet


Ok. . .I have applied for the Professional Track, how about you?


Professional track.



I have applied for the Professional Track.

Even I have been told the same.
Let’s hope for the best.

Good Luck!!!


Congratulations buddy.
All The Very Best!!!
Keep us posted about your experience.


Yup, all the best to everyone!


Hello, I am from Ottawa but was invited for April 22nd.


Congrats. Carleton or uOttawa? What program are you in?


Hey, I heard the same as well! But she also mentioned that if the need arises there could be additional ACs in other locations. I also read somewhere that the General Track ACs are in May and Professional Track ACs are in April.


I’ve been invited too on April 16th I’m flying from Paris


congrats to all who are invited to ACs. I haven’t heard anything back so I’m guessing I’m rejected… has anyone received any rejection emails?