Hi everyone,

I have applied for the HR Global Graduate Scheme end of January and I still haven’t received an answer, not even to take the online test.
Is there anyone in the same situation?
I sent them an email to know if they send rejection emails when we do not meet their requirements and they said yes.



Have you received any reply?? I have not, not even the invitation to online tests


Hi guys,

Do you have the email address of the graduate team?
I want to ask them questions but cannot find their contact!

Many thanks


good luck! let us know what happens please!


Hello All,

I had my Phone Interview on 20.03.2015.
They have mentioned that the AC’s will be in April and May 2015. And have also mentioned that if I get shortlisted then I will be informed within 2 weeks.
Fingers Crossed.

Its nice to see that so many people are eager to join this Program. All the Best with your Application.

Looking forward to hear from you all.



Hello Vaibhav!

Congratulations to make it to the interview stage! What program are you applying for?
Also when did you pass your SHL test?

Good luck :slight_smile:


did you guys get an email after your phone interview stating you passed them?


Yes, I got mine on Jan 27th. It says that you passed them and that you’ll be getting a phone call (which I got on Jan 29th).


that’s interesting… has anyone been invited for ACs in april?



I have applied for the Professional Track.
I cleared the SHL Test on 16.03.2015.

What about you??

Good Luck to you too.




I am still waiting for an update.
They did mention at the end of Interview that i will be getting an update within 2 weeks.

Fingers crossed.


All the very Best.
Keep us posted about your experience.



I have applied to the HR Programme end of January but I still haven’t received an email… not even for the online tests so I think I will be rejected but still haven’t got a rejection email.

Happy Easter :wink:


has anyone heard back from assessment centres? the ones in april are now less than two weeks away


Nothing yet…


We should be informed this week I think


Nothing Yet.
Its Easter and most of the organizations were closed for a long weekend. 03.04.2015 - 06.04.2015.
Moreover its April ( commencement of the new financial year).

Hopefully they should revert by this week.

All the best!!!


Hello Guys,

Any Update??
Did you hear any news or revert from them?

All The Best!!!


I am checking my email every second for the invite to AC.
Have someone heard back from the BT?


Nothing yet…