Ah yes, I see that my application was updated two days after my phone interview. The status is still “Active”. Hoping for the best.


yeah it’s very interesting, I hope they get back to us soon!


any news anyone? I’ve been getting other interviews but I want this one the most!


It’s a little bit early since the next AC is on 16th of April


I got an email today saying I was invited for the 25/26 of March. But this AC is only for Procurement/management positions.
There is another one in April for engineering roles, and there will be another one in May for HR, CTO, and Procurement roles.
It depends on what kind of positions you applied for.


That’s right , congratulations by the way


I assume everyone got the email, but just in case you didn’t:

I got an email from bombardier saying that my application is being reviewed by different hiring managers and if successful, I would be invited to one of the AC’s. They sent the AC dates and mentioned that candidates would be notified two weeks prior to the AC if they are chosen.


I think next week we will be briefed


yup, got the same email… I haven’t seen anyone getting rejected yet.


I was checking out profiles of those who were in the GGP previous years. It seems that having a master’s degree is very common, almost necessary. Does everyone here have their masters? In Canada, it’s not necessary for most jobs since our bachelor degrees take 4 years to complete…


It is very common in Europe to have a Master degree, so if you checked the profiles of GGP that studied in Europe it is normal. Bachelor degrees are not common and in some countries don’t even exist. The education system is different from Canada. I don’t think you should worry about that, they probably take into account these differences.


Just applied to the program, is it too late? How long is the waiting period before the online assessment invitations are sent?


Hey, welcome! I don’t remember the waiting time but I applied before the actual start date, maybe you’ll hear back in 2-3 weeks? good luck!


Hi Guys,
I have been invited to BOMBARDIER ASSESSMENT CENTER set in Derby UK. Does anybody of u know what exactly it will be about?(especially the Interview session)


congratulations! when did you apply? when was your phone interview? did you apply to general or professional track? I haven’t been to the AC myself but from what I understand, the interview is about your soft skills.


I applied to Bombardier UK graduate engineering programme. Honestly I dont even remember to what exactly, I guess something like Manufacturing/Quality. Phone interview was directly after the pysicometric tests and the confirmation of the AC arrived 10 days after that. Anybody with experience of AC?


well I think we’re not in the same case, because your AC has not been mentioned in the latest email we received, for us the first AC Is on April the 16th in Berlin



I just had my phone interview today for the GENERAL track. And she said that there were 2 assessments in April and 2 in May (and she mentioned there could be more ACs if the need arises). Looking forward to seeing some at the AC if successful. Good luck to all!


cool, thanks for the info! where are you from? when did you write the SHL tests?


I’m from India but currently living in Europe. I wrote the tests around end of Feb or beginning of March. Waited for 3 weeks for them to call which they finally did today. Did the interview partially in English and partially in French. They said they would get back to as early as possible. Lets see what happens!