Hi everyone
I know some had an AC this week , it would be awesome if they can share their experiences and give us some details.


In my final year of undergrad! Had my interview on the 29th of January. Waiting for an email or call as well! Hopefully someone else who has been to an AC can shed some light on what they experienced.


Also in my final year undergrad, and had my interview on the 29th of January. Waiting for a call or email!


So, the AC consists of three exercises. One is a pretty standard interview, where they check your soft skills and how they fit in their company; second is a presentation, where you need to make a decision and present your analysis behind that. The last one is a group exercise, where you talk with the other candidates and together reach a decision on a given topic. It’s actually pretty fun and I think the point is being yourself so that the company gets to know you well. Hope this is helpful!


Thank you vey much , is it possible to have more info about the case study , would you give us details about the case just to have n idea what type of cases they give


What should one expect in the interview? Thanks for the info!


Has anyone heard anything back yet? I received an email today saying that hiring manager will start looking at applications in the first two weeks of March.


Have you sent an email to them before ?


I haven’t heard anything back yet. I’m confident that my phone interview went extremely well. Really hoping on getting an email or call soon.


And do you know what the criteria was to go to the AC that you went to? Was it for a certain language only? Or based on geographical location perhaps? Any ideas?


The interview was about skills like communication, team work and so on. You need to give examples of situations where you demonstrated those skills.
The case studies are about a company that is facing some issues, such as delays, customer complaints, etc. And you need to give a solution to these issues and establish a plan of action.
I don’t really know about the criteria for going to the AC, but I am pretty sure language is not one of them, although it might be helpful depending on where you will be working.


Well, I just sent an email yesterday asking for an update. I think my interview went well too but I’m not sure because I get the feeling that there is a large pool of applicants.


Well since they send invitations2weeks before the ACs , I think it’s a little bit early to freak out :slight_smile: , good luck


Has anyone heard anything back yet? Any updates?


Nope, still waiting


I checked the website today and it says they updated my application on March 5th but there is no indication regarding what the update was for. Any news from you?


mine was updated today, no indication here as well. maybe I will get an e-mail this week.


What you mean guys by update


Where do i find this? and what website exactly?


on the careers page, you can see all of your applications